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About Us

Chris du Plessis and His Gigapans of South Africa

Chris Du PlessisVideo producer and photographer Chris du Plessis showcases the wildlife of South Africa in travel films, still photography and documentaries. His South Africa Travel Channel features free travel documentaries for various resorts, safaris and National Parks.
Driven by the need to help conservation in Africa, du Plessis is passionate about filming his country to bring attention to the beautiful landscapes and wildlife.

Why Gigapan

Du Plessis first learned about the Gigapan EPIC Pro after discovering an instructional video on YouTube. He could see that the possibilities for using the technology to promote travel and tourism in South Africa were endless.

"Immediately a light went on and I wanted one," says du Plessis. "I knew there were so many possibilities these days for the EPIC Pro, and different ways to use your camera can really open more doors in the market."

Du Plessis uses gigapans captured with the EPIC Pro in his documentary films to highlight tourist and travel destinations. By adding zoom and pan effects, his clients can zoom into the detail of a city or a landscape to learn more about a location. And with mobile compatibility, images become portable and visitors can view them as they travel to help learn the locations of city buildings and mountain ranges.

"As technology moves on, I always try to be one step ahead in the market and with mobile applications. You can hold a gigapan in your hand to explore different spots or look at a landscape or city. If you are standing at a particular viewpoint and you’ve forgotten your binoculars or it is an overcast day, a gigapan can allow you to zoom into the detail of your location and help orientate you to find your way."

Favorite Gigapan Image

Du Plessis’ favorite gigapan is of the waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa. Shot with the EPIC Pro and a Nikon D7100 with a 70-200mm Nikon f2.8 lens, the image of the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in the historic heart of Cape Town's harbor is a popular destination. He says "the overall blue of the water and sky; it gives you a holiday feeling and makes you just want to jump in there!"


Du Plessis plans to use the EPIC Pro in the future to shoot more beautiful locations, including other African countries such as Namibia, as well as the Svalbard islands in the Arctic Ocean, Germany and the Alps. He also has plans to do gigapan image safaris. More information, including dates and venues, can be found on his website, www.photosofafrica.com.

To see more of Chris du Plessis’ gigapans, visit his profile on gigapan.com or view his portfolio at www.photosofafrica.com.