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Photographer Spotlight

Photographer Spotlight: Ron Schott and His 1,000 Gigapans

As an early adopter of Gigapan, Ron Schott recently posted his 1000th gigapan. Schott's 1,000+ images have an impressive average of 1.5 gigapixels, more than any other Gigapan photographer, read more.

Photographer Spotlight: Chris du Plessis and His Gigapans of South Africa

Video producer and photographer Chris du Plessis showcases the wildlife of South Africa in travel films, still photography and documentaries. His South Africa Travel Channel features free travel documentaries for various resorts, safaris and National Parks. To learn about how du Plessis uses the EPIC Pro to highlight tourist and travel destinations, read more.


Photographer Spotlight: John Duarte and His Beginnings with Gigapan

John Duarte is a Los Angeles based photographer and video director whose work has been featured in major media outlets such as CNN, Huffington Post and Entertainment Weekly. Although relatively new to Gigapan, Duarte has already used the Gigapan EPIC Pro for high-resolution landscape photography and has plans for time-lapse and virtual 360 degree virtual tours. To learn about John's work, read more.


Photographer Spotlight: Gavin Farrell

Gavin Farrell is passionate about capturing the transitory beauty of diverse landscapes, with a strong emphasis on capturing as many details as possible. He also enjoys creating HDR and focus stacked panoramas. To learn about Gavin's work, read more.


Photographer Spotlight: Alfred Zhao

Inspired by landscapes, Alfred Zhao, Ph.D., travels around the world shooting large-scale gigapixel images to capture the natural beauty and depth of the places he visits. His favorite GigaPan image of the Shanghai Skyline, which, at 272 gigapixels, still remains the largest image shot by a single camera. To learn about Dr. Zhao's work, read more.


Photographer Spotlight: Ville Vuorinen

Ville Vuorinen has covered everything from domestic sports to Xtreme sports, to the London 2012 Olympics Games, to most recently the British Basketball League, the Birmingham City Ladies Football Club, and the European football Premier League. To learn about how Ville uses gigapixel panoramas to capture the emotions and excitement of the crowd at games and sporting events read more.


Photographer Spotlight: Alex Smith & His Ecology Research

As an assistant professor of molecular ecology at the University of Guelph, Department of Integrative Biology and the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario, Alex Smith travels the world conducting scientific research. Alex uses high-definition, gigapixel panoramas to provide an extremely detailed look at his research subjects and changes that occur over time. To learn more about Alex and his ecology research, read more.


Photographer Spotlight: Glen David Short & His Travels with Gigapan

Shooting over 700 gigapan images, Glen David Short is currently traveling around South America on his motorbike with his EPIC 100. Glen likes to view his images as unique snapshots in time or historical documents that cannot be easily replicated. To learn more about Glen's work, read more.


Photographer Spotlight: Jon Brack & His Space Shuttles and the Aloha State

Photographer Spotlight: Jon Brack & His Space Shuttles and the Aloha StateOver the past decade, freelance photographer Jon Brack has traveled across seven continents and more than 60 countries documenting the people,places and animals that surround him. High-definition, gigapixel images that are created with GigaPan technology were exactly what Jon needed to offer a one-of-a-kind viewer experience. To learn about Jon's images, read more


Photographer Spotlight: Kevin G Saunders & His Big Buildings

Photographer Spotlight: Kevin G Saunders & His Big Buildings

As a full time photographer, Kevin Saunders has incorporated GigaPan to capture cityscapes, large buildings, and fine art prints of orchids and portraits. To learn more about the photographer and his work, read more.


Photographer Spotlight: Karim Saad & His Cityscapes

Photographer Spotlight: Karim Saad & His Cityscapes Karim Saad is a photographer currently living and working in Dubai. With a strong eye for visuals, Karim gets his inspiration from historical sites, monuments, and big cities. To learn more about Karim and his photography, read more.