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About Us

Photographer Spotlight

Jon Brack & His Space Shuttles and the Aloha State

Over the past decade, freelance photographer Jon Brack has traveled across seven continents and more than 60 countries documenting the people, places and animals that surround him.  

With the ultimate goal of humanizing the foreign, Jon’s photographs transport the viewer to exotic locations and allow them to better understand parts of the world they may be unfamiliar with. 

Why GigaPan

High-definition, gigapixel images that are created with GigaPan technology were exactly what Jon needed to offer a one-of-a-kind viewer experience. “GigaPan technology captures unique images in otherwise inaccessible locations, and transports and educates the viewer through the endless ability to visually discover new places,” Jon said. With GigaPan the level of detail and zoomable capability of each gigapixel image provides a lasting opportunity for viewers to explore the unknown.

“With the space shuttle panoramas, viewers can explore the interiors of shuttles that are now closed to the general public. While the gigapixel panoramas from Hawaii allow people to explore the islands and learn about environmental issues without having to step into such a remote and fragile locale.”

Favorite GigaPan

Over the past few years, Jon has taken so many memorable photographs with GigaPan that it was hard to choose just one. His favorite space shuttle gigapixel images taken at the Kennedy Space Center with the GigaPan EPIC Pro and his 5D Mark2 camera include Space Shuttle Endeavour Powered Up and Space Shuttle Discovery Mid-deck.

During a trip to research the critically endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal, Jon photographed his other two favorite GigaPan images with the GigaPan EPIC and a Canon S100. Marine Debris and Turquoise Waters were shot at Pearl and Hermes Atoll in Hawaii in the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. Jon also used GigaPan to capture Hawaii’s capital of Honolulu.

“The clarity and density in images captured with GigaPan technology is out-of-this-world. My images completely immerse people in a unique experience that lets them explore a place they may have not otherwise been able to. GigaPan images tell the story of being there, whether it’s in the mysterious interiors of a space shuttle or on a deserted beach in Hawaii,” Jon said.

Jon's Portfolio

Jon’s GigaPan images of the NASA space shuttles can be found on the National Geographic website and his own website. His work has also appeared in The Washington Post.

To view more of Jon’s high-definition panoramas, visit his profile on GigaPan.com.