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About Us

Photographer Spotlight: Karim Saad & His Cityscapes


KarimCurrently living and working in Dubai, avid photographer Karim Saad never wants to miss a detail. As a graduate of Saint Joseph University of Beirut with a degree in Communication Arts, he developed an eye for strong visuals. Karim gets his inspiration on location and is passionate about any scene that has a character or spirit, including historical sites, monuments and big cities. “I want everyone looking at the photo to feel that it is alive with all the sounds, colors and lives that it represents.”       

Why GigaPan

Back in 2010, Karim came across a tweet about the largest photograph in the world, a 45 gigapixel image of Dubai created using GigaPan technology. He was amazed by the level of detail. Two days later he ordered the GigaPan EPIC 100 and has carried it on him ever since, capturing cityscapes from all over the world. He currently uses the EPIC Pro and a Canan 5D MKIII and prefers using a Canon EF 50mm f/1.2: USM or Canon EF 200mm f/2.8L II USM lense for taking gigapixel photographs. Additionally, Karim’s job in digital printing allows him to print the images and enjoy the high-quality result.


Favorite GigaPan Cityscape

KarimTaken with the EPIC 100 and a Canon 550D (t3i), Karim’s most valued gigapixel image is of the cityscape of his hometown of Beirut. The significance of this image may not be apparent by the image, but the downtown is currently under construction after the 1990 civil war. Therefore, Beirut will look entirely different in a few years or even 20. As one of the most explored images at GigaPan.com, the gigapixel images capture amazing details, like foreign plate numbers in the city, which freezes a moment in history. 


Karim's Portfolio

To share his amazing gigapixel images, Karim exhausts all online channels including TwitterFacebookGoogle+ as well as emailing them to his friends and colleagues. With GigaPan, he’s captured many amazing cityscapes, including Cologne,Istanbul and Dubai. His full GigaPan portfolio can be seen here.