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About Us

Photographer Spotlight: Kevin G Saunders & His Big Buildings


Ever since laying eyes on his father’s Leica 35mm, Kevin G Saunders has been glued to a camera. His photography pathway began when he needed to capture photos for his high-end custom bicycle design studio. From there his career as a professional photographer has taken off and today he is regularly commissioned for architectural, product, and portraiture and has a fine art orchid print collection as well.

As a full time photographer, Kevin is focused on taking the time to compose the image and make it lifelike. “I don’t want a picture, I want a photographic piece of art that could compete with any painting,” Kevin said. His work includes cityscapes, fine art prints of orchids and portraits and large buildings.

Why GigaPan

High definition, gigapixel images that are created with GigaPan technology are an important part of Kevin’s business. The extreme level of detail captured by GigaPan technology is illustrated with the zoomable capability of each gigapixel image. Kevin uses GigaPan in combination with a Leaf Aptus II 12R 80 megapixel. “I create huge composite prints in my photography business,” Kevin said. “GigaPan is the only technology that allows one to see images as the size they would be printed, and the proof of the level of detail put into the shot is made evident by the ability to zoom in. The other sites don't have an architecture that allows this.” 

“There is really nothing like this technology and I am so thankful that it allows people around the world to see my work without having to come to my studio and see the finished print,” Kevin said.

Favorite GigaPan Building

One of Kevin’s most treasured GigaPan image is of Cleveland’s Terminal Tower. The landmark skyscraper was built during the skyscraper boom of the 1920s and 1930s, and was the fourth-tallest building in the world when it was officially dedicated on June 28, 1930.

Taken with a Rollei X-Act 2 digital view camera with Leaf Aptus II 12R Digital Back, this gigapixel image paid homage to a photograph by Cleveland’s legendary architectural photographer Jennie Jones who captured the Terminal Tower from the same angle in the early 1990s.

Kevin's Portfolio

With GigaPan, Kevin has captured a number of unique buildings in San Antonio, including the Express News Building, Weston Centre and the San Antonio Library.

To see all of the images Kevin has taken using GigaPan, visit his profile on GigaPan.com and read about his latest projects on his blog. Additionally, Kevin has created the San Antonio Photography Group to share his love for photography with his community in San Antonio. Connect with Kevin on Facebook or Twitter.