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Jeff Cremer Captures Machu Picchu

The Lost City

http://gigapan.com/gigapans/116906machu picchuIn 2008, the World Monuments Fund placed Machu Picchu on its Watch List of the 100 Most Endangered Sites. The sad truth was that the incredible beauty that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to the UNESCO World Heritage site was the very thing that was threatening its future. As with so many people visiting the site, environmental degradation was starting to take its toll. 

Professional photographer Jeff Cremer knew that there had to be a way to share the wonders of Machu Picchu with the world while also protecting it for future generations. After moving to Peru, he took on the personal challenge of capturing the history and beauty of Machu Picchu in form that would allow people around the world to explore and share the amazing details of the Lost City without presenting a danger to its degradation.  

Explore with GigaPan Images

To capture the magic of Machu Picchu, Jeff turned to GigaPan for its ability to expand the limits of traditional photography. By enabling Jeff to quickly and easily create and share a high-definition, interactive gigapixel panorama of Machu Picchu, the GigaPan EPIC Pro helped Jeff create an image that enabled people to experience Machu Picchu in an entirely new way.  “I like the way that GigaPan combines science and technology to create art,” Jeff said. GigaPan is an amazing source of high-resolution images. I can’t wait to see what future programmers will be able to create using these images.”

Jeff’s gigapixel panorama of Machu Picchu is just one of many examples of how GigaPan technology is benefiting the travel and tourism industry. By enabling photographers to capture and share detailed, interactive images and panoramas, GigaPan is changing the way people around the world experience and explore places like Machu Picchu. In addition, the detailed pictures support research and education by capturing a moment in time that can be used to chronicle the history of important places around the world.  

The Epic Result

Jeff’s journey resulted in the highest resolution photo of Machu Picchu ever taken at 15.9 gigapixel. Stitched by Xrez.com, the image captures Machu Picchu in incredible detail and allows people to explore the ancient site through a range of interactive capabilities. Jeff has received significant recognition for this image and it has been 
featured in a number of publications, including El Comercio (one of Peru’s leading news sites), Travel + LeisurePetaPixel andDigital Trends.
Machu Picchu

In addition to bringing Jeff’s talent to light, the amazing Machu Picchu panorama showcases the world of opportunities GigaPan technology presents to photographers. Whether they focus on education, sports, travel/tourism, current events or any other industry, GigaPan technology allows photographers to easily and quickly create images and panoramas that enhance the viewing experience, increase engagement and drive online traffic.

Want to learn more about Jeff’s journey? Watch the video here or visitgigapixelperu.com.