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About Us

Major League Baseball: 2012 World Series

Leaders in Technology and Innovation

As early adaptors of technology, MLB.com has consistently been a leader in finding new, innovative ways to engage fans on their website. Through their interactive platform, MLB.com creatively enhances the online experience for baseball fans everywhere.

MLB and GigaPan Establish a Partnership

In 2010, Major League Baseball teamed up with GigaPan to use its technology at several regular season and postseason games to create new ways for fans to view and share images from the games. MLB photographers created beautiful panoramas of baseball games and stadiums across the United States including San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. Fans were able to view all the high definition, interactive gigapixel images via MLB.com and were encouraged to zoom in, explore and interact with the image. Following a positive reception from fans, MLB.com decided to produce the images for all 2012 postseason games.

Increase Fan Engagement with GigaTag

During the 2012 postseason, four photographers (David Bergman, Bruce Ely, Preston Mack and Jeff Zelevansky) attended every MLB game. They created beautiful gigapixel images of the World Series games that allowed baseball enthusiasts to zoom in to identify individual faces. Using GigaTag technology, MLB.com launched “TagOramic” where fans could log in via Facebook and tag themselves within the GigaPan image, as well as explore and take snapshots of memorable moments around the stadiums.

Introduce New Advertising Opportunities

As well as enhancing the online experience for fans and increasing traffic to MLB.com, the interactive images also expand MLB’s advertising options by enabling MLB.com to integrate sponsorship into game images for the first time. To date, brands including McDonalds and EMC have taken advantage of this innovative advertising opportunity. Annually, McDonalds holds the McDonald’s Monopoly sweepstakes co-sponsored with board game company Hasbro. For the 2012 postseason, McDonalds selected to advertise on MLB.com, specifically on TagOramic. During the campaign, top hats were used to signify when a fan was tagged via Facebook. By allowing fans to share via their social networks, GigaTag gives brands an opportunity to increase website traffic and consumer engagement.

Increasing Campaign Engagement and Reach

As an innovative online marketing tool, GigaTag technology allowed MLB to increase engagement with fans and drive traffic to its website. The interactive capabilities and integration with popular social media sites also increased the reach of the campaign with people sharing content on Facebook and resulted in visitors spending more time on MLB.com. As more brands and organizations expand their use of images, GigaPan technology will continue to be used at events like these as a way to enhance the viewing experience, increase engagement and drive online traffic.