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About Us

Ville Vuorinen & His Sports Photography

As sports and event photographer, Ville Vuorinen has covered everything from domestic sports to Xtreme sports, to the London 2012 Olympics Games, and everything in-between. Most recently he covered the British Basketball League, the Birmingham City Ladies Football Club, and the European football Premier League.

Always looking for new angles, Ville uses gigapixel panoramas to capture the emotions and excitement of the crowd at games and sporting events.

“Whenever I cover a game, big or small, what inspires me is capturing images that tell the story of the game or events to the fans when they see them the next day in the newspapers/websites,” says Ville.

Why GigaPan

Last year, Ville was looking for a way to better capture the detail of the crowd and fans at games, which was often requested by his clients.

“With the ever increasing competition in the photography business, one has to keep trying to come up with new ways to offer different services to customers these days,” says Ville.

After seeing the incredible detail in the gigapan of the 2009 Presidential Inauguration, Ville knew he would like to try GigaPan technology.

“If there is one thing that I've picked up during my career, it doesn't matter whether you shoot at the biggest stage or in the local league - you still need to produce the great quality of images to please the clients,” says Ville.

GigaPan enables Ville to shoot more images of a single game. Since the EPIC Pro automatically shoots the image, without the need to press the shutter, it gives Ville the opportunity to capture the action of the game courtside while the EPIC Pro takes crowd images high in the stands. Ville can deliver both the close-up action shots, as well as the high-resolution crowd shots, to his clients and show even more of the game for the fans to enjoy.

Gigapanning at sporting events can have challenges, but Ville says these can be overcome by doing plenty of trial shots and having clear communication with the team and venue organizers on when and where you will be shooting.

Favorite Gigapan

Ville’s latest gigapan is of the Birmingham City vs Leeds game at the English Championship in St. Andrews. Shot with the EPIC Pro and Canon 1DX, the image was taken for Birmingham City Football Club, who was running a fan competition at the game for St. George’s Day. The crowd was dressed up in patriotic colors, and the soccer club used the gigapan image to find the best-dressed fans to win prizes.

The image includes several different moments of the game, as the players moved during capture. Finding the goalkeeper in several different places always makes the fans smile, says Ville.

It was posted on the Birmingham City FC website and went viral as fans posted it on Facebook and Twitter. The clients’ and fans’ reaction to the image was extremely positive, with people searching for themselves and friends in the crowd.

“You get some great comments,” says Ville. “One comment in regards to this image was how a person had got 'lost' in the image for over two hours looking for people in the crowd. Which is precisely one of the reasons why the image was captured in the high resolution.”

Ville’s Portfolio

With photographers like Ville capturing images of European sports, GigaPan is expanding its reach and brand recognition internationally, growing around the world as new audiences discover high resolution images.

To see more of the images Ville has taken using GigaPan, visit his profile on GigaPan.com or view his portfolio.