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How to Embed Another Member's Gigapan Image

  1. Click on "Share" under any gigapan.
  2. If you see the "Embed" link next to "Share this gigapan", you have the ability to embed the image on your website. Click on "Embed" to expose the embed script.

  3. Copy the all of the text and characters in the box. Once you copy the HTML code, you have the option to customize the height of the viewer for your webpage. To customize the height:
    1. Enter your desired height in pixels into the URL. Find flash.html in the src= string. Immediately after it, add ?height=your_pixel_number to the end of the URL. Make sure you stay inside the double quote marks. Your link should now look like http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/your gigapan ID/options/your setting preferences/iframe/flash.html?height=your height.
    2. Next, update the height value inside the surrounding <iframe> tag (i.e., the  height="your_value" portion) using the same pixel value you entered at the end of the URL in step 1. This will resize the iframe itself.


iframe embed script before modification:
Generated iframe script

After editing to set a specific height to 600 pixels:
Edited iframe script

*Note: Even though URL contains the word "flash," images can be viewed on both flash and non-flash platforms.