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How to Embed Your Gigapan Images on External Websites

  1. Be sure you are logged in to gigapan.com as a member.

  2. Click on "My Gigapan" located in the header.  Find the gigapan you want to embed and click on it to go to its detail page. Under "About This Gigapan", click on the "Embed" button.  
    *If you do not see an Embed button, your image may be set as Private.  You will need to make it Public before proceeding. This can be done from the Edit button on the image detail page.

  3. Set the features you would like included on the embedded GigaPan image:
    Gigapan embed settings screenshot
    • Navigation controls are the zoom and pan controls displayed in the upper left of a PC viewer or the + and - controls in the lower right of a mobile viewer.
    • Fullscreen mode creates a more powerful gigapixel imagery experience for viewers. We highly recommend setting "Include Fullscreen" as "yes".
    • You can click on snapshot images to include them, or, if you know your snapshot ID numbers, can enter them manually.
    • If you’d like to customize the size of the embedded viewer, specify the width (in percentage) and height (in pixels) here in the wizard.

  4. Click the Generate HTML button.

  5. Copy and paste the generated HTML into the HTML of your website page.