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IV. The Project Index: Choosing a project for your classroom

These twenty projects were chosen from over four hundred examples of generated over the course of 5 years. Selection criteria is based on both uniqueness and universality of the project.  Our aim is to represent a wide variety of curricular disciplines, and to highlight any interdisciplinary potentials. Several projects have been grouped in order to demonstrate variations on themes and to provide more ideas to teachers. In addition, projects were selected to represent several age groups, with some dependent on the use of the GigaPan robot, while others not or optional.

Once you have selected a project of interest, or several, you may click on the link leading you to detailed description of the project, activities broken out into a Project Based Learning process, necessary resources and materials, as well as the goals and correlated standards.

The intention of these project Unit Plans is two fold: Teachers may select and implement projects in their current form, and are encouraged to seek partners through the GigaPan Dialogues network for collaboration- in other words: join the existing project. In addition, it is expected that teachers will either modify a project to meet their own needs or use these Unit Plans to inspire new projects that more closely fit their needs. Should this be the case, the next section: Designing a GigaPan Project offers advice and guidance.

Quick Links to The Project Index
  Title Level of School Use Robot? Discipline
1 Science Lab Do's and Don'ts Middle/High School Optional Science
2 Contrast and Comparison of State and Local Water Middle/High School 1.  Yes Science
2 Watersheds Middle School No Science
2 World Environment Day Student Summit Discussion High School No Science
3 Classification: Nine Phyla of the Animal Kingdom Middle School Optional Science
4 Land Art and Nature Preservation Awareness Middle School Yes Science
5 Teatro Estático (Static Theatre) High School Yes Language Arts
5 Descriptive Middle School Optional Language Arts
5 Descriptive Writing Project Elementary/ Middle School No Language Arts
6 Waste Management 2011 High School Yes Science
6 Waste Management 2010 High School Yes Science
7 Global Health 2011 Middle/High School Optional Social Studies
7 Nutrition and Markets Middle School Optional Science
7 Alimentation/ Nutrition Middle School Optional Science
8 Studio of Nina Weiss High School No Art
9 Beautiful Stuff: Self Portraits Elementary School Yes Art
10 Discovering Vincent van Gogh Middle School No Art
11 World of Diversity Elementary School No Social Studies
12 Walk Two Moons Middle School No Language Arts
12 Travels Through Literature Elementary School No Language Arts
13 Nuestra Vida Escolar 2010 Middle School No Social Studies
13 Sur le chemin de l'école Middle/High School No Social Studies
13 School Daily Activities 2010-2011 Middle/High School No Social Studies
13 What Does a "School" Look Like? High School Optional Social Studies
13 Do You Know the History of Your School? High School No Social Studies
13 Andrew Street High School High School No Social Studies
14 Inca High School No Social Studies
14 Ancient Civilizations High School Yes Social Studies
14 Architecture Middle School No Social Studies
14 The New Deal High School No Social Studies
15 Compare/Contrast African and American Cultures Elementary School Yes Social Studies
16 Fractions, Decimals, Percents Middle School No Math
16 Mean Median Mode Middle School No Math
16 Solving Equations Middle School No Math
16 What's the angle here? Middle School Yes Math
16 Unit Price Middle School Optional Math
16 How much is milk in other places? Middle School No Math
17 Why Safety? Middle School No Science
17 Strip Mining Middle School No Science
17 WV Coal Project Middle/High School No Science
18 Windmill Project Upper Elementary School Yes Science
19 Neighborhood Improvement High School Yes Social Studies
20 Stories in the Rock Elementary/Middle/High School No Social Studies

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