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  • GigaPan Capture Studio allows photographers the ability to tether a laptop directly to the EPIC Pro and camera, eliminate transferring the images from the card, and ensures the best possible images prior to stitching. Windows and Canon Compatible Only. Not Compatible with Mac or Nikon.

    As a current EPIC Pro customer, download a free 14-day trial version of Capture Studio. 
  • Purchase GigaPan Capture Studio to receive license key.




  • Easily interact with the image during the shoot
  • Pause and restart the panorama
  • Take several images at precisely the same location
  • Navigate throughout the individual images of the entire panorama
  • See the camera's live view and histogram
  • Configure the panohead parameters and camera settings remotely
  • Control camera functions including shutter, aperture, ISO, white balance, focus and fire the shutter
  • Preview the final version of the pano
  • Transfer images directly to a folder on your laptop
  • Launch GigaPan Stitch software