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GigaPan Stitch

Stitcher: Discover new standards in image stitching software.
  • GigaPan Stitch is an easy-to-use panorama stitching software with a simple interface to stitch your images quickly and accurately. With new features for vignette correction and improved alignment capabilities, GigaPan Stitch will help you create high quality panoramas in less time than ever before. Windows/Mac Compatible
  • Purchase GigaPan Stitch to receive license key.

GigaPan Stitch is included complimentary with your purchase of any EPIC series model.
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  • Improved image export capability in TIFF, JPEG, PNG, or Photoshop Raw formats

Stitch 2.2 Beta Export Dialogue Window

  • Quicker and easier exporting of resized images
  • Support BigTIFF files - TIFF files larger than 4 gigabytes can now be written in Stitch of read in GigaPan Upload
  • GigaPan Upload now supports Photoshop PSB files wider than 300,000 pixels
  • Improved support for EXIF headers in image files

Vignette Correction

GigaPan Stitch panorama software stitching automatically corrects the darkening around the periphery of input images, due to lens optics, so that images do not show vertical banding (vignetting) that would otherwise occur. You don't need to do anything to get vignette correction in Stitch; it's automatic!

With vignette correction:
GigaPan Stitch Example With Vignette Correction
Without vignette correction:
GigaPan Stitch Example Without Vignette Correction

Improved alignment

Stitch can now better handle 360 degree panoramas that include the zenith, has improved horizon-leveling, and uses advanced algorithms to accurately estimate lens focal length for optimal alignment whether you're using a long lens with tele-extender or a wide angle lens for quick shooting.

Lightning Fast Upload

Stitch Upload Progress Bar Uploading is three times faster than before. Receive info on the progress, overall throughput in megabits per second, and estimated time to completion.

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