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GigaPan Stitch Features

GigaPan Stitch is fully integrated with GigaPan EPIC products and optimized for use with GigaPan.com.

  • New GigaPan Stitch and Stitch.Efx

    GigaPan Stitch software provides quick and precise stitching for your gigapixel panoramas. With automatic alignment, projection and blending, GigaPan Stitch will help you create high quality panoramas in less time than ever before. Stitch, preview and upload your images to GigaPan.com with one powerful and easy program.

    Overview & Principal Capabilities
    • Stitching - Combines a set of overlapping images that form a grid of rows and columns and automatically stitches them together to create a unified panorama, which is stored on the local disk.
    • Viewing - Displays the panorama on the local disk, allowing the user to zoom and pan.
    • Uploading - Uploads the panorama to GigaPan.com for sharing.
    • Exporting - Takes a panorama on the local disk and writes it to a single file in TIFF, Photoshop RAW, or KRO image format which can then be edited in Photoshop or other image editing software.

    The Steps of Stitching
    • Alignment - Takes the input images and determines from the pixels of the images how they overlap.
    • Projection - Stretches and rotates the images to make them align.
    • Blending - Combines the images as seamlessly as possible.

    GigaPan Stitch is fast!

    For panoramas with several hundred input images, stitching can be as fast as shooting (just seconds per input image). GigaPan Stitch can do stitching, viewing, uploading, and exporting simultaneously, if desired.

  • Stitch Feature Comparison
    Feature Stitch.Efx Stitch 2.0
    Vignette Correction Yes Yes
    Fast Upload with Better Feedback Yes Yes
    Image Rearrange Yes No
    Save Projected Images Yes No
    Color Adjustments:    
    Black Yes No
    White Yes No
    Gamma Yes No
    Exposure Yes No
    Temperature Yes No
    Tint Yes No
    Saturation Yes No
    GigaPan Stitch does the work for you! It´s automatic.

    GigaPan Stitch is easy to use with a simple interface. Our stitching software does not require the user to indicate corresponding points manually; alignment is determined automatically. GigaPan Stitch also corrects for radial distortion (if your camera lens has some barrel or pincushion distortion). Works with the images from virtually all cameras, from 1 megapixel (MP) cell phone cameras to inexpensive point- and-shoot cameras to 50+ MP professional DSLRs.


Color Adjust (Stitch.Efx only)

Stitch.Efx Color Correction Image
Better results, faster! Edit and make contrast and color adjustments right in GigaPan Stitch.Efx with an easy-to-use interface and advanced color correction options. Achieve beautiful, high- quality adjustments to your gigapan, accomplishing in seconds what would usually take minutes or hours to do in Photoshop. Use the following options within the Stitch.Efx color adjust feature:

  • Black - make the darks blacker
  • White - make brighter whites
  • Gamma - create adjustments to your grays, for a full value range
  • Exposure - compensate easily for incorrect exposure
  • Temperature - adjust "color temperature"; make your image more yellow or blue, to fix incorrect white balance
  • Tint - adjust your color range along a magenta-green axis
  • Saturation - make colors purer, or make your image grayscale

Increasing contrast and saturation to bring out hieroglyphs:
Stitch Example With Color Correction
Original image without color correction:
Stitch Example Without Color Correction

Stitch.Efx is optimized for working with huge images, therefore it is designed to support color adjustments at interactive rates. Begin adjusting colors as soon as the image preview appears. User adjustment typically takes only a few seconds. When your image is done stitching, set up an upload, and Stitch.Efx will apply the adjustments reliably and quickly. ‘Adjust Colors’ is also integrated into the other output mechanisms Stitch.Efx supports, such as Export and Save Projected Images.

GigaPan Upload Application

If you have huge image files, you can upload them with the GigaPan Upload application, which comes with GigaPan Stitch, and is also available free as a stand-alone application.

Fast Upload

Stitch Upload Progress Bar With GigaPan Stitch it is easy to upload an image you've stitched to GigaPan.com, for sharing with others. Uploading is now three times faster than with Stitch version 1.0. The software tells you your network throughput in megabits per second, and gives estimated time to completion.

Vignette Correction

Automatically corrects the darkening around the periphery of input images, due to lens optics, so that images do not show vertical banding (vignetting) that would otherwise occur. You don't need to do anything to get vignette correction in Stitch; it's automatic!

With vignette correction:
GigaPan Stitch Example With Vignette Correction
Without vignette correction:
GigaPan Stitch Example Without Vignette Correction

Save Projected Images (Stitch.Efx only)

Stitch Example Select and Arrange Images Select the images whose blending you want to fine-tune, save their projected images, use Photoshop to retouch their masks, and then upload to GigaPan.com using our free Upload application. Learn more about Upload.

Image Rearrange (Stitch.Efx only)

Capture action, insert additional shots later, or shoot in any order you like! Stitch lets you interactively adjust the layout of images before you stitch them.

Improved alignment

GigaPan Stitch and Stitch.Efx can now better handle 360 degree panoramas that include the zenith, has improved horizon-leveling, and uses advanced algorithms to accurately estimate lens focal length for optimal alignment whether you're using a long lens with tele-extender or a wide angle lens for quick shooting.

Efficient memory use

On most computers, its memory use is modest enough that other applications, such as web browser or email, can be running simultaneously, and not be slowed too much. If desired, stitching jobs can be paused and resumed.

High number of input images

GigaPan Stitch is designed to process panoramas with up to 2,000 images, taking advantage of multi-core processors and more memory. However, image stitching does not require state of the art computing equipment.

High quality results

GigaPan Stitch does automatic alignment, projection, and feathered blending so that, in many cases, the seams between images will be invisible. The resolution and detail of your input images is retained.


  • Arrange shooting order

    Stitch image in your shooting order, whether it's left to right or top to bottom.

    • Columns, right stitch image arrange columns right
    • Columns, left stitch image arrange columns left
    • Rows, down stitch image arrange rows down
    • Rows, up stitch image arrange rows up


    Mercator or spherical/equirectangular

    Use Mercator projection instead of spherical/equirectangular. The Mercator projection doesn't squash objects above or below the horizon, but cannot be used in Google Earth.

  • Draft Mode

    Combine images in draft mode. Draft mode causes seams between the images to be visible, and speeds up stitching.

    Build at 50% Scale

    Build panoramas at 50% scale. Using 50% scale mode causes a loss of detail, but speeds up stitching.

    Larger blending region

    A larger blending region is useful if transitions between the images are noticeable.


    Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, with 1 GB RAM (2GB recommended) Intel-based Macintosh OS X 10.4.9 or later, with 1 GB RAM (2GB recommended)

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