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GigaPan Upload is a free stand-alone application for uploading images to GigaPan.com

GigaPan Upload

The GigaPan Upload application comes packaged with a free GigaPan Stitch.Efx trial. Upload takes a single (potentially huge) image file and uploads the image to GigaPan.com.

PSB and PSD Upload

Save time when you upload! GigaPan Upload can now read and upload Photoshop PSB and PSD files directly, so no need to convert to TIFF or RAW format. This saves time, and is ideal for use with the Save Projected Images feature of Stitch.

Lightning Fast Upload

Stitch Upload Progress Bar Uploading is three times faster than before. Receive info on the progress, overall throughput in megabits per second, and estimated time to completion.

Upload Uber-Huge Images

Upload can now handle images of essentially unlimited size. The largest image uploaded to GigaPan.com to date is 1 terapixel, or about 1 million pixels on a side!