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Kolor Panotour Pro

Kolor Panotour Pro

  • Launch into the creation of outstanding customized virtual tours, use hotspots, gigapixel panoramas, include sounds, videos, add your graphic templates and much more!

    Panotour Pro, from Kolor, is an application designed to create professional interactive virtual tours. Easy to use, it lets you quickly create professional quality virtual tours.

    • Support of partial panoramas and 360° views
    • Zero programming
    • Easy interactions using hotspots
    • Display of logos
    • Opening external websites
    • Multiple file formats accepted in input
    • Little planet introduction effect
    • Global sound for the tour or local sound for each panorama
    • Map of the tour
    • Integration of Google Maps
    • Support of hotspots opening a video and embedding of videos
    • Import and export of cube faces

    Panotour Pro is sold as an electronic license and is compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux. It is available in 7 languages.