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Forums » General Gigapanning » new camera or not, from 6mp to 24mp

new camera or not, from 6mp to 24mp
mark test mark test
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I am currently using a Nikon D70 with an epic100 (I got it to work, I moved shutter release a little higher). Question, would getting a new 24 megapixel Nikon D3200 give me better pictures when zooming in then the D70,6 megapixel that I have? I would be using the same lens for each to rule that out. The pictures from the 24mp camera are twice the size as the 6mp camera, so would I be able to zoom in more and closer to objects when viewing them here?

Tim Brown Tim Brown
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I’m no expert on cameras but I’ve been having the same questions. My impression is that once you have a decent camera the lens makes all the difference. (Although in your case going from 6mp to a new 24mp camera will probably make a huge difference). But in general, once you have a decent DSLR the lens is a huge factor. For example I keep trying to improve the size and quality of my gigapans. I recently upgraded from a canon T2i to a D60 which is the next DSLR up the food chain. The images on the D60 are insanely good. But if you take the huge lens that came with the camera and stick it on my T2i, those images are insanely good too. The D60 does do some things better but in terms of image quality it all seems driven by the lens.

Unfortunately for gigapaning, to go from the cheaper sub $400 200mm lenses to something better is going to cost you $1500 which is more than a lot of new cameras. But as I said if you have a decent camera I’m pretty sure that the lens is what’s going to make the difference.

Anyone else want to weigh in on this?

David Pivin David Pivin
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I am using a T2i and have mated it with a 75-300mm Canon zoom that I bought years ago when I was using a Canon XTi. This was not too expensive and is marvelous for nature photography outside of GigaPan use. It is very light. Today the equivalent is the 70-300mm that you can get for $427 at Amazon. You could also look at Sigma or other less expensive lenses, but you really want to be 300mm or more.

The D60 is a semi-pro level camera, but of 2002 vintage with only 6.5 megapixels. Perhaps you inverted the letters, because the 60D is the current next step up from the Rebel family. Your T2i has 18 megapixels and so does the 60D. You will not see any difference in GigaPan photos taken with either one as they have the same sensor. All the feature differences between the two don’t contribute to better GigaPans. BTW, they both have Canon’s Auto Lighting Optimizer feature that can mess up exposures during a GigaPan shoot. Disable this. The problem it causes is a darkening of the sky at the transition to the horizon where there are darker objects. This is on by default and does not disable when you switch to manual.

Search for user ‘mrpiv’ to see my recent larger GigaPans that use this combination of lens and camera, like Goosenecks, Spider Rock, Tempe ASU 360, Sedona Oak Creek.


David Pivin David Pivin
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You will certainly see a difference going to 24 megapixels. I strongly recommend doing it. The only downside is that you will fill up your memory cards a lot faster. ;-) I would recommend you use a 16G or 32G card, especially if you choose to use RAW format. Also, you should put a zoom tele on your shopping list if you don’t already have one. As I told Tim above, 300mm or more will give you great results with the 24 megapixel sensor.


mark test mark test
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I now have the Nikon D3200, it works great. I little more basic then the D70. Next up more Zoom.
This is shot with a nikon at max of 210mm: http://gigapan.com/gigapans/112795

MediaPila MediaPila
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Yes is a good idea. But remember you will expend more time in the PP.


John Opie John Opie
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I’m an Olympus shooter, but the D3200 is a very attractive alternative for Gigapan use. The comments regarding lenses is absolutely correct: the importance of glass cannot be understated. Consider getting that camera and putting some legacy glass on it, shooting, say, a Nikkor 200 f4 legacy lens at f8 should take care of any softness or flare from the older glass and give you a decent reach without breaking the bank. I actually have one of these I bought on a whim for $50 and it’s a rather nice performer. I’m sure that a good 300 or longer lens will be more money, but nothing like the $1500 you’d need to spend on a modern lens. Consider this: your gigapan will be taken with fixed focus, so do you really need AF on your gigapan lenses?

Didn’t think so. :-)

Forums» General Gigapanning » new camera or not, from 6mp to 24mp