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Bubble of Gigapan
MediaPila MediaPila
Total Posts: 30

Hi, i have one Gigapan Epic Pro and i cant nivelate the robotic head.

Im making one panoramic in my house. I have one Manfrotto 055XPROB and i nivelate the bubble of the tripod:


Now, i nivelate the Nivelator Plate of manfrotto (438):


Now, i put one adaptor 3/8 to 1/4 and the Gigapan Epic Pro isnt nivelated:


Now i move the Niveltator Plate to center the bubble of the Gigapan Epic Pro:


BUT, the bubble of the nivelator plate now isnt in the center:


And if i move the GigaPan Epic Pro turn arround and the bubble isnt center again:


So, i make other steps.
I nivelate the tripod, i nivelate the nivelator plate and i put one manfrotto tripod head 808RC4 and nivelate the bubbles of the head manfrotto:



but when i put the Gigapan Epic Pro the bubble isnt center:


So i center again the bubble but using the comands of the Manfrotto head 808RC4 and the bubble is center again:


BUT, when i turn arround the Gigapan Epic Pro the bubble isnt center again:


What im doing bad? or what im missing?

Thanks a lot!


MediaPila MediaPila
Total Posts: 30

Sorry for my bad english, but i speack spanish. =$

Customer Service Customer Servic...
Total Posts: 67

Hi MediaPila,

You also submitted this as a customer support case, which I answered on 14 June. If you need further assistance with this, please reply to the support email I sent to you. Thanks!

fotoflash fotoflash
Total Posts: 1

Can anybody paste the answers?, they will be very usefull for anyone.

Customer Service Customer Servic...
Total Posts: 67

What we had found was a small bug in GigaPan Stitch. The light black line is the seam where the left and right edges of the spherical image come together. It appears that some of the calculations are off by a pixel or so. This is on our software developer’s bugs-to-be-fixed list.

MediaPila MediaPila
Total Posts: 30

Excelent. When will be fixed?


AKjos AKjos
Total Posts: 1

It seems the question asked is similar to one of my issues. I am a new owner of a GigaPan Epic Pro, when I mount it on my tripod that has been leveled (nivelated?), the GigaPan isn’t level (nivelated?). When I adjust it so the bubble is centered, rotating the GigaPan causes the bubble to be no longer centered.

Is this normal, the first few GigaPan’s I’ve taken seem to be okay (although tilted from left to right, cropping and editing helps).

Any help from others would be useful.


Frank Johnston - whatpics.co.uk Frank Johnston ...
Total Posts: 3

Hi everyone, I’m a newbee to the Epic Pro Head but like @Akjos commented I have had a have similar problem with leveling. Whilst talking to to my friend (a groundwork engineer) He pointed out the following problem for example:-

if Tripod stabilisation = +/-.5 degrees in movement off of horizontal/vertical
& Tripod head " " = +/-.1 " "
& Epic Pro motor head = +/-.05
$ Camera inc. lens = +/-.25
How far out are any of us on the Epic Pro head bubble. Hopefully this makes some kind of sense.

I’ve taken hand held and tripod panos for some years and have recently bought an Epic Pro. The bubble however like that on the tripod, although a guide, doesn’t take over the eye. My advice is to do a practice pan after leveling the whole setup. Try to do it on the horizon plane if available and adjust tripod accordingly. Which ever way you achieve level is never going absolutely accurate especially using the bubble system, but your natural eye is still your best friend. i.e if it doesn’t look right it most probably isn’t. The horizon is your best horizontal guide. I took two test panos this week and the most accurate was 1.5 degrees out over 700 metres wide (approx) using tripod & Epic pro bubble. This can be corrected in post production if necessary but understandably it’s better to get it as accurate as possible in the first place. I would be grateful for anymore advice.

I hope this helps

chris levering chris levering
Total Posts: 2

Of course i have the same problem, bubble moving out of center when Pro is moving, i found the epic pro mounting is loose, there is to much play. this unit is new, nice

360 Snapshots 360 Snapshots
Total Posts: 11

My general recommendation is to ignore the bubble level on the Gigapan unit, instead use the bubble level on the levelling head such as the Manfrotto 438 – set and trust in it.

Have purchased two Gigapan Epic Pros, and both of the bubble levels are inaccurate.

chris levering chris levering
Total Posts: 2

The base that mounts to tripod on the pro is loose, and bubbles always tell the truth

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