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Forums » General Gigapanning » Dangerous Olympic competition

Dangerous Olympic competition
max_allan max_allan
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Hi All,

I just got an email from Gigapansystems about a competition for taking an Olympic Gigapan. I don’t want to rain on their parade too much but this is a really bad idea :

Firstly : ANY DSLRs are banned at Wembley.

And in the linked article about the general rules for cameras :
“large photographic and broadcast equipment over 30cm in length, including tripods and monopods”
are banned.

In other articles I have read it has said that if you break the rules you may lose your kit :
“You are allowed to take camera phones, compact cameras and DSLRs into Olympic and Paralympic venues, as long as the equipment fits into a bag no bigger than 30 × 20 × 20cm. Anything above this may be confiscated and not necessarily returned to you.”

So, you’ll just about be able to get a Gigapan Epic (100) but at 27*30*15 without camera and lens for a Pro, you’ve got no chance. Even if you were happy to run it sitting on a wall or something instead of a tripod.

Bearing in mind the total fear and paranoia about terrorism at the olympics, I myself won’t be going anywhere near them for fear of being shot by hyped up, armed FBI agents wandering round wanting to shoot the first person who talks with an accent they aren’t familiar with.

I can only imagine what’s going to happen to the first person who whips out what looks like an automated targeting platform and starts pointing it at major bits of Olympic attraction…
Several photographers have already been nobbled by the security people, despite being outside their area of jurisdiction and effectively stealing cameras from law-abiding citizens.

You have been warned!


Jason Buchheim Jason Buchheim
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I brought an epic pro to the 2010 Winter Olympics in laid back Vancouver without success. Was completely banned from using a tripod in any venue. (I did not have a press pass)

With an official Olympic Press Pass, things would be different, but the passes are very difficult to obtain.

I have had great success with sports photography and the Gigapan unit, but having a press pass has been paramount (such as my X games panoramas, the press pass was a requirement.)

Now, the real question for the future, how can we legitimize Gigapan type images so that press passes can be more forthcoming? Maybe Gigapan Systems could sponsor some competitions where the prize is assistance in obtaining official credentials to particular events.

Jason Buchheim

Customer Service Customer Servic...
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Thank you for alerting us to these strict regulations.

We want to be clear that the images do NOT need to be of the events specifically – as with any competition – our topic is open to creative inspirational interpretation. Entries can be taken anywhere – in any way that focus on the spirit and excitement of the Olympics.

We do not want anyone to jeopardize their equipment – but instead help capture the fun of the Olympic experience.

Tim Brown Tim Brown
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By all accounts the 2012 folks have gone nuts about both security and branding control (http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2012/apr/13/oly…). Like it is illegal for any shops to use the words “2012” or “medals” or “olympics”. Security people were told to put their food in plastic bags so no one would accidentally see their chips package and think that meant the chip company was associated with the Olympics. Apparently you can’t use cash in soda machines because Visa is a sponsor and only allows their cards for all purchases. Its that kind of crazy.
But I’m loving all the gigapans people are posting. Just don’t run afoul of the authorities for sneezing into the wrong brand of tissue.

Forums» General Gigapanning » Dangerous Olympic competition