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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

Those who need direct technical assistance with their GigaPan EPIC Series imagers, stitching software or gigapan.com membership account should contact us.

Forums » General Gigapanning » Strange stitching result...

Strange stitching result...
Pol F. Gillard Pol F. Gillard
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I’m quite new here with a Gigapan Epic Pro…
Just learning how to use this “beast” in order to process my new panos.
I am surprised with my first trials (4columns and 3rows), the final image comes out spherical with no recognizable element of what I have on the original pics !
What did I miss or did faulty ?
I have Vers. 2.1.0161 and Stitch.Efx is in trial period !!!), I do not understand very well why I only have a “trial” for the “Stitch.Efx” just after I spent 1k€ for this equipment !!!
Please can somebody help me in understanding how to get a “normal” pano from this software ?
Thanks a lot in advance, Pol

Pol F. Gillard Pol F. Gillard
Total Posts: 10

Nobody to help ?
As additional information, if the same images (in Jpeg instead of Tiff) are processed the same way with the same parameters the result is quite good…

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Total Posts: 141

If you can upload the result to Gigapan.com and provide a screenshot of the Choose Images screen, I’m sure someone can help. Without a look at the results, any feedback or suggestions would be guesses.

Pol F. Gillard Pol F. Gillard
Total Posts: 10

Thank you, you are right I don’t give enough info, sorry…
Here are the links showing what I mean.
In the “options” nothing was selected for both stitchings.


Thanks in advance for your kind help !

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Total Posts: 141

Your matrix looks fine – unless there’s something odd about the files themselves, there’s no logical reason for TIFF and JPEG files with the same content to stitch differently.

Looking at your filenames – did you try to stitch 16-bit tiff files? The first thing I would try is to resave those as 8-bit and try stitching them again. Although Stitch technically supports 16-bit tiff files, there may be something in the file format that’s confusing the software.

As for the stitchefx question, here’s a quote from the technical manual:

For the first 14 days after the initial run, Stitch runs in “Efx mode” (meaning the features of Efx are enabled), always, whether the user has entered no license key, has entered a Stitch Basic license key, or a Stitch.Efx license key. After that trial period expires, the software functions in the mode dictated by its license key.

All of the imagers come with two Stitch Basic licenses, if I’m not mistaken, so after 14 days you should just have a running version of Stitch Basic.

Pol F. Gillard Pol F. Gillard
Total Posts: 10

Thks Mosley !
I’m now trying the 8bits TIFF but I’m almost sure it will work without problem…
Nikon D800E has a new format of raw files, could the into TIFF format conversions have an influence on the software behaviour ?
I shall post the results here later today.

Pol F. Gillard Pol F. Gillard
Total Posts: 10

Hi Mosley,
Unfortunately the Tiffs in 8 bits do not deliver a better result, the final image still in spherical mode and unreadable !
Any idea or suggestion, is this a faulty manipulation on my side or is it an issue due to the D800/D800E new fie type ?
Thanks for your help and advices

The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661" The Gigapanogra...
Total Posts: 108

This looks like a bug to me. Gigapan Stitch has a built-in feature that allows you to report weird results. I’m not sure where the feature is because I use other software, but from memory, once the image has stitched there is an option in one of the menus to report bad stitches.

Pol F. Gillard Pol F. Gillard
Total Posts: 10

Thanks, indeed I used this report feature and sent a set of images, the resulting matrix of the in the software uploaded pics could show it was complete and without any error, but once the full process is done I het a spherical image where the scene cannot be recognized…
I’ve been answered the software developer was busy with the issue but nothing new since a few weeks…

Customer Service Customer Servic...
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Hello Pol,

I will check the status on that and reply to the case you opened with us.

Pol F. Gillard Pol F. Gillard
Total Posts: 10

Thank you to the customers service, I’ll be patient and wait until you find out what happened in my submitted example.

dsweet dsweet
Total Posts: 1

I know this is an old post, but I got similar results with my first trial run. Any advice on spherical stitches?

Melany Melany
Total Posts: 5

Hi, I’m new here. I got the same results with my first attempt, when I got in a rush to set up the camera. When you set the top of your viewfinder with the horizon, and do the same thing with the bottom of the viewfinder, did you do it correctly?
I think I put the horizon in the middle of my viewfinder, and confused the Gigapan.
I suspect that’s what you did. You have to go through this process each time you change lenses or zoom, to “tell” the Gigapan what size lens you’re using.

Forums» General Gigapanning » Strange stitching result...