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Forums » General Gigapanning » Galileo Iphone Mount

Galileo Iphone Mount
Jason Buchheim Jason Buchheim
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Just for thought:

A kickstarter company is bring this product to market this fall:


Its a motorized mount for an iphone, controlled by the iphone. It has pan and tilt for the phone, much like a Gigapan, but nice and small.

They claim it will be good for ‘Real Estate Virtual Reality Tours’, but the way the camera is mounted, the lens does not rotate through its entrance pupil, I do not see how they will not have lots of stitching errors on close up scenes.

They will have a software SDK for developers to create there own apps for the device, but it is not out yet.

Conceivably, one could an an accessory telephoto lens to the camera to create higher resolution panoramas http://www.macnn.com/reviews/iphone-telephoto-l…

Admittedly, the iPhone camera is nothing as nice as a good SLR, but it bright light, its not terrible, and this would make for a much lighter package to carry around than my Epic Pro and DSLR and 300mm lens…


Forums» General Gigapanning » Galileo Iphone Mount