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Forums » General Gigapanning » WANTED: Canon E3 for Pro cable

WANTED: Canon E3 for Pro cable
Bramvh Bramvh
Total Posts: 2

Hi everyone,

I am desperately looking for this cable (for canon 600d) as I am leaving for Corsica this saturday and the order I placed has a delay of 15days! I need this for my masters thesis field research which is completely endangered without this cable.

Are any of you living in Belgium, South-Netherlands or Nord-France that want to help me out and perhaps rent me this cable? I am from Ghent, Belgium and willing to drive up to 100km for this cable as it is extremely hard to find. I will be gone from 20 to 30okt.

Please help me people I am desperate :(

Many thanks in advance

Bramvh Bramvh
Total Posts: 2

Or if you have any information about other applications that use the same cable, please shoot all info is welcome!

watanabe watanabe
Total Posts: 2

If I were you I’d take a 2.5mm headphone cable (or an old pair of headphones) and a mini usb cable – then cut them in half and solder/electrical tape the appropriate wires together. This guy is doing something similar here: http://www.teckelworks.com/photography/tools/ (2nd pdf) but you’ll have to figure out what wires on the 2.5mm side go with what wires on the USB side, shouldn’t be too hard though.

Forums» General Gigapanning » WANTED: Canon E3 for Pro cable