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Forums » General Gigapanning » Duplicate images

Duplicate images
Michael  Firstlight Michael Firstl...
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Using my Epic pro today went well. I was shooting with a 200mm lens and decided to use Mirror Up mode on the Gigapan and extended my shooting time to 5 seconds to ensure the camera full settled before shorts. I have a Nikon D800. I was set on single frame shooting mode in camera. I then noticed that while I heard two clicks – the first being the mirror slapping up, then the shot, I was getting two identical frames per shot. Then I switched the camera itself to Mup mode with the Gigapan Mirror up mode on and got single frames after – I didn’t see anything in the documentation about this but I am assuming that when using a D800 with the Gigapan Pro that both the camera and the Gigapro both need to be set to mirror up mode to avoid getting a duplicate frame for every shot?

The other item is the Shutter Feedback and Shutter Retries option. If my camera cable is connected to the Gigapan Pro, and the Shutter Feedback is set to ON, and the Shutter Retries is set to say, three, then am I correct in thinking that if the camera fails to take the initial shot it will try again up to three times before skipping it and moving to the next position? Also, if the original shutter attempt is successful, can I correctly assume the camera moves on the the next position and doesn’t take a 2nd and 3rd (duplicate) shots? I know this seems basic, but the manual isn’t clear about this.

Another issue: When setting up a new pano, the unit is good to ask if certain things have been set – very nice. But why when doing a new pano doesn’t it ask of you changed lens or focal length then automatically prompt the user to set the FOV? That would be a nice feature when doing subsequent panos of the same upper left/lower right positions and I change the zoom or lens – I’d not have to back all the way out to Options each time I do a new pano. Just a suggestion.


Ted Roller Ted Roller
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I’m having the same issue with double shots. I’m using a Nikon D90. When I use “mirror lock up” I get two exposures. It’s a bummer since I’m using an 800 mm lens.

Forums» General Gigapanning » Duplicate images