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360 panorama
Comitech Comitech
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Hello everyone!I want to shoot a 360 panorama of a room with epic pro and canon eos 450d and with no zoom.Otherwise when i set the top and the bottom of the panorama epic pro says me that i will shoot 8000 pictures.This is impossible because i need 40GB memory and 10 hours of shooting.Does anyone know if it is right?Or some suggestions whats going wrong?

dennytang dennytang
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That certainly doesn’t sound right. If you go into the Camera Setup menu, what is the FOV that it’s giving you? Try adjusting the camera setup so that your FOV is around 5 or higher – does it still say 8000 pictures?

Comitech Comitech
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Nice dennytang.I had wrong values to camera setup(fov).Now i have a right result.Thank you very much. :) FOV was too small…now,i adjusted it about 43 degrees and i have a normal number of pics.

Forums» General Gigapanning » 360 panorama