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Forums » General Gigapanning » Best type of head to use with Gigapan

Best type of head to use with Gigapan
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Hey there guys,

Total beginner here so any and all advice appreciate. I’m about to purchase a head to use with my GigaPan pro. Camera and lens will weigh around 5lbs, and gigapan head will weigh 7 lbs.

Going to use an Induro tripod which supports 22lbs, but i’m pretty stuck on the best type of head to buy. Based on your experience would you recommend one of the below?

Is there anything in particular I should be taking into account here? What are the benefits/drawbacks of each of the below types?

Any and all feedback greatly appreciated!


Ball head

Pan and Tilt


Terry Foss Terry Foss
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I like the ball head. Easy to adjust and flexible for regular shooting. I have used pan and tilt heads in the past and find the ball head much easier to set up and level. I haven’t used a leveler, but would expect that the ball head would cover a greater range of motion.

Cheers, Terry

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Thanks Terry. Seems like a ball head might be the way to go.

In terms of max load – i’m guessing both Tripod and the Head should be able to more than hold gigapan plus camera?

I’ve seen some ball heads that can hold around 13 lbs for a reasonable price. You guys think that would be enough?

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
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I keep one of these


and an Arca-swiss type quick release plate on the bottom of both of my imagers. In the field I attach the imager to the tripod with the quick release, make macro adjustments with the tripod ball head and micro adjustments with the levelling base. I’ve found the combo much quicker and easier than a ball head alone.
MediaPila MediaPila
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I use Manfrotto 808RC4 3-Way Standard Head with Quick Release Plate 410PL and is, for me, the best!



Forums» General Gigapanning » Best type of head to use with Gigapan