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Sports arena gigapan
edchan edchan
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Hi, I’m considering taking a gigapan of a large gym sporting event like volleyball or basketball. How do I set up the gigapan so that the players aren’t cut off, or in multiple locations?

Jason Buchheim Jason Buchheim
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The Gigapan does not have any special mode for not cutting people apart. You will have the best luck by having significant overlap between images (40-50%) so you can go back in to the image post stitch and clean up the broken body parts with a good likelyhood of having a complete torso in one of the images. I like to use Ptgui stitcher for this as it has an excellent mode of exporting projected images as layers in place, so that you can easily go and piece the bodies back together in photoshop by painting visibility of the layers. It’s actually pretty fun to do. Ptgui has a tutorial on their website explaining how to do this.

I like to capture a scene with the Gigapan robot and then switch to a free motion gimble head from the exact same vantage spot and shoot the ‘action’ by hand, then stitch this action into the scene in the appropriate place, such as my X-games images http://www.3d-360.com/gigapan/?id=77777 and http://www.3d-360.com/gigapan/?id=15884

Also, limiting the number of shots by either having a lower gigapixel size or using a higher megapixel camera (ie 36 mp Nikon D800) helps reduce cut up bodies.

Good luck!

Simon Bolivar Simon Bolivar
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Hello, if anybody can explain a bit further about how to shoot people without cut offs or overlaps between images, I will appreciate. Thanks a lot.

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
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As long as the people are moving, there is no way to completely eliminate cut offs – it’s the nature of multi-frame shooting. When you shoot a Gigapan you are in a way shooting a timelapse – things are going to move, there’s no way to avoid it. Jason provides some good strategies for minimizing them and preparing to fix the remainder in post processing. One thing I would add for sporting events is to shoot in columns rather than rows – people in stadium seating tend to move vertically more than horizontally.

Simon Bolivar Simon Bolivar
Total Posts: 3

Does anyone know a tutorial about how to make gigapixel photos when people are moving. I am trying to take some gigapixel inside a supermarket with people moving all around. Thank you very much I appreciate any information about this issue.

Terry Foss Terry Foss
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Check this one out.

Simon Bolivar Simon Bolivar
Total Posts: 3

Thank you very much Terry, I appreciate your link !!

Forums» General Gigapanning » Sports arena gigapan