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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

Those who need direct technical assistance with their GigaPan EPIC Series imagers, stitching software or gigapan.com membership account should contact us.

Forums » General Gigapanning » Printing?

Kevin Kevin
Total Posts: 91

You can print your own GigaPan panoramas using common formats, TIFF and Adobe RAW. Remember, you´ll get the best print of an image has good exposure, white balance, focus, and composition.

To Print, export the image under the File Tab in the Stitch software. Then once you’ve exported it as a TIFF or Adobe RAW format you can open it in a program like Photoshop to print. Just make sure you check the image size before printing and do a print preview.

bkaylor bkaylor
Total Posts: 29

Look for large format printers that use rolls of paper; you have a maximum height but unlimited length, perfect for panoramas!

If Kinko’s or commercial shops are too expensive, try university copy shops. At UNT in Texas for example, you can get 24" tall glossy photos for $12 a foot. Printing a two foot tall, eight foot panorama for about $100 is not bad.

Be sure you roll and unroll large prints carefully so you don’t crease your photo. Also, I suggest letting the ink dry for a day or two before you put them under glass in a frame.

Terry Foss Terry Foss
Total Posts: 16

Red River Paper sells panorama size sheet paper is several sizes including 13′×38″ and 8.5″×25″. http://www.redriverpaper/com

This works well with Epson and other printers.

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Total Posts: 138

The only problem with printing Gigapans is the cost of framing. Past about 48" in either dimension it gets prohibitively expensive. My personal preference is to either print on canvas and stretch it on a frame or go to a sign shop and have it printed on Ultraremovable Wall Film. The wall Film can then be applied to a wall as a mural. Sign shops can generally print wall film up to about 50" x however long you want to go.

ejk ejk
Total Posts: 1

euGenius digital imaging & photography in Chicago does panorama printing on paper and canvas for over 13 years. Any size you can imagine! Owned by an artist-photographer. Perfect quality! Every project priced individually. eugenius@eugenius.net

Jurry Hendriks Jurry Hendriks
Total Posts: 1

Hi all,

I produce photomurals on wallpaper. Any size at 300dpi. Available width of the panels is 46.5 cm or 70cm. Sell all over Europe and I am a Gigapanner myself.
Check out http://gigapan.com/gigapans/112958 or http://gigapan.com/gigapans/110647.

Printing highres gigapans is no problem.
One of my printers prints 270cm wide (HP65500). In action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSxbzLiWQNg&feat….
Website for wallpaper: www.fotomuur.com or www.eigenesfotoaufwandtapete.de or www.photomur.fr or www.impresionmural.es. Just press the ‘result’ button on top of the screen to get an idea.
Since none of the websites is in English, contact me directly at Jurry@colorsurfer.com.

Although it is much more time consuming to prepare (ripping) a gigapan for printing then a regular photo, for fellow gigapanners I’ll charge the same.
€159,- for size up to 14m² for panel width 46.5cm. Without shipping.

Ryan Santoro Ryan Santoro
Total Posts: 6

StarrGraphix.com We do Gigapan printing that starts at $2.30 sq/ft. No hidden fees and we are located in the USA. We do not ship outside the US. If you have questions email or call me.

724-287-8277 or ryan@starrimageproducts.com

Total Posts: 1

It has been a couple of years since I printed anything with my “very old” Large Format ENCAD PRINTER, but most people seemed to think that they needed a really BIG file in order to have a massively large printout. A simple 35mm image would ratio out with the 36" printer at around 54" long. The only specs I needed with that old printer was that it had to be a RGB file, a TIFF, and the surprise to most customers was that I only needed 2MB of data per square foot of output. As I said, it was a really old printer that I used in a studio I had about 10 years ago. The RIP took care of all the nuts & bolts.

I still today have a canvas print of 34"x 34"(Gallery Wrap) hanging in my Living Room. The dpi was 1040 × 1040. This size equates to 9 sq. ft. As I recall, my pricing on it was about $500 or so.

Printers today are far more advanced and far more flexible in their requirements.

David Pivin David Pivin
Total Posts: 41

StarrGraphics printed my 48″ × 134″ 5-Gigapixel pan. Printed on an HP DesignJet L26500 on HP Photo-realistic poster paper. Photoshop exported file sent to be printed was 15GB. Out of the stitcher tool it was 119020 × 42184 pixels and was in Photoshop RAW format. That is the only way to export out of stitcher since it exceeds JPEG and TIFF size limits. A GigaPan of the finished and mounted print is at http://gigapan.com/gigapans/113711. The original pan is at http://gigapan.com/gigapans/49865.


maike maike
Total Posts: 2

why all cheap Photography Equipment, from http://www.mycamerabox.com

Michael Franz Michael Franz
Total Posts: 8

Of course there is always the option of using the print service offered by GigaPan!

Aloysious A Gruntpuddock Aloysious A Gru...
Total Posts: 29

Had a look through the gigapan printing stuff but it seems if I can only print my own panos if I open them up for anyone else to print.

Is that really the case?

Suppose I could open one up, print it then ‘close’ it for printing afterwards.

bkaylor bkaylor
Total Posts: 29

^ No, there isn’t any control once you enable public printing. I think there should be an option to set a “Print Password” on each of your gigapans, or some way for the photographer to regulate print orders. As it is, there is room for abuse:

You set your amazing gigapan to “Public” so your friend can get a print.
I see it and order 10 copies at lab price to sell in my art shop.
I resell the prints as my own work at twice the price.
You never find out, get no compensation, and no credit for your work.

Now I don’t think any of my own gigapans are even worth stealing, but there are some truly amazing gigapans on this website and those members need better control.

[edit] Didn’t mean to sound too alarmist, I’m still super pleased that we have a print service now. =)

Gigapan Curator Gigapan Curator Administator
Total Posts: 22

Hello everyone,

As we mentioned in our January 17th 2013 newsletter we sent to gigapan.com members, GigaPan will soon provide the opportunity for photographers to participate in a revenue sharing program on prints to sell to others via the Gigapan.com site. We are working on the launch of this program, which will be released later this spring!

In response to Bkaylor and Aloysious’s posts, you don’t have to add your gigapans to the Print Gallery in order to print your own. If you are viewing your own list of gigapans when logged in, they are all enabled (for you) to print. If you wish to add your gigapan to the Print Gallery, click the ‘edit’ button underneath and check the box, “ALLOW OTHERS TO PRINT THIS GIGAPAN?”

Any further questions/assistance needed, please contact us at http://gigapan.com/cms/support/contact-support

classpass classpass
Total Posts: 2

if my images are tiff formats, i use “tiff printer vb.net”:http://www.rasteredge.com/how-to/vb-net-imagin… to print gigapan. there are a lot of “.net image sdk”:http://www.rasteredge.com/dotnet-imaging/ i can use just like photoshop.after setting the height and width, the image resolution comes out very well.

classpass classpass
Total Posts: 2

if my images are tiff formats, i use tiff printer vb.net to print gigapan. there are a lot of .net image sdk i can use just like photoshop.after setting the height and width, the image resolution comes out very well.

arronlee arronlee
Total Posts: 5

Hi, classpass.
I have ever tried to print Tiff images using a free trial package of another Image SDK. It worked well with my Tiff reader. And I am testing I am testing with the related projects these days. I want to employ a formal condition to help me with the related Tiff processing work. Do you have any ideas about it? Or any good suggestion? Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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