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Forums » General Gigapanning » controlling zoom speed for video capture?

controlling zoom speed for video capture?
Tom Munnecke Tom Munnecke
Total Posts: 2

I would like to use one of my gigapans for a video, starting with a zoomed in section and then zooming out to the full “View All” position. I can do this by doing a video capture of the image on my computer screen, but Gigapan zooms out too fast for my purposes. Is there any way to control how fast the screen zooms out from a snapshot to the full screen (or vice versa). Also, I want to do this in full screen mode, so I can get all the pixels I need for my video.

Chris Fastie Chris Fastie
Total Posts: 13

The mouse wheel zooms in or out in pretty small increments, so you could capture about 50 still screen shots and use them as individual frames. Repeat each frame two or three times in a video for a slower zoom. You might need two monitors to do this.

Forums» General Gigapanning » controlling zoom speed for video capture?