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Forums » General Gigapanning » Small space advice please

Small space advice please
Spencerwynn Spencerwynn
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I have to fly half a world away on assignment to shoot an industrial facility. This facility is comprised of many storage depots, laboratories, engineering rooms, boiler rooms etc.

I am new to Gigapans and have two weeks to practice and be proficient before I depart. I would love to get any thoughts/advice on shooting indoors to get the right balance between good detail, spherical setups and “quick” shooting. I will be setting up, shooting and moving on to new rooms and hope to get many done per day.

Thanks very much.

bkaylor bkaylor
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You need to get your camera/lens set up for parallax, otherwise you might not even get past the stitching phase. That involves adjusting the position of the camera so that the X, Y, and Z axis revolve around the entrance pupil of the lens.

You should also find out how much depth of field you have to work with so you can position your camera to get the best focus.

And since you are both new and will be in a hurry, you need a detailed checklist that you follow religiously. I can’t tell you how many times I forgot one little thing and wasted the entire shoot.

Tripod hinges latched – check
Enough space on SD card – check
Autofocus off – check

If you need more detail on any of these things let me know.

Tim Brown Tim Brown
Total Posts: 54

I’d figure out the minimum resolution you need and stick to that so you aren’t taking so many pictures if you are in a hurry. However a wider FOV per image does add to the problem of focal depth if you are shooting in a confined space with multiple depths. consider whether you shoot rows or column first – in some situations if you need to adjust focus it can help to do one or the other first (for instance if you are shooting an outdoor panorama with a lot of sky and some close up features towards the bottom of the image, shoot rows first to get the sky out of the way on manual focus and the switch to auto for the closer up features in the lower rows). Note though that when shooting columns it is a lot easier to find missing images then with rows if you are doing a wide panorama. This can add hours to your processing time if you are shooting by rows you miss an image in the middle somewhere

Here’s an extensive list of things that go wrong :)

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Total Posts: 141

If you’re looking for spherical panos, the gigapan robot may not be the best solution depending upon how much resolution you require. A manual pano head might be better suited to that application. I just purchased a manual head (to go with my two gigapan imagers) for that very reason.

In any case, try to find out the dimensions of the smallest space you’ll be capturing and practice in a similarly-sized space. The smaller the room gets the trickier it becomes due to focus and parralax issues.

Forums» General Gigapanning » Small space advice please