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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

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Forums » General Gigapanning » Gigapan Epic Pro - in moderate winds

Gigapan Epic Pro - in moderate winds
jagsiva jagsiva
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Anyone use this in any kind of moderate wind?

I tried it with a D800 on an ocean coast with 10-15 knot winds, everything tied down, bracket replaced with RRS and nodal, Gigapan on Gitzo 5 series, mounted directly. MUP, and 2 second delays between exposures as well as MUP. I also had the rigid setting “on”.

There is so much play up/down/fore aft between the rotating motorized base and the unit itself that even touching causes a few seconds of vibration. Emailed GP (no phone number), and they asked for a video. In the video, just for ease, I had an RRS plate mounted to the tripod directly and the Epic Pro with the RRS dovetail on the plate. This part is super solid, but they claim this is the issue. BTW, the reason I put this clamp on was that screwing and unscrewing the GP head directly on the tripod torques against the motor, which I would think is not such a bright idea. Regardless, I used the unit directly mounted on the tripod in the shoot in question.

The rig was relatively light – D800 + Coastal Optics 60mm (maybe 500-700g).
Exposure was in the 6-12s range for various series. Images were unusable. A complete waste of an evening’s worth of shooting. The motion blur is so bad that some images look like double exposures.

Has anyone used this in any sort of wind — not a typhoon, just normal ocean winds in the 10-15mph range with long exposures?

Here’s the video I sent as asked. At some point I show the play in the unit.


Response from GP…or so I hate BS! You can see clearly where the play is in the video.

“I had our technician view your video and he said all your settings are correct, but to eliminate the Arca mount between the Pro and tripod. There could be more stability mounting unit directly on to tripod. He did not find anything faulty about this unit.Any further assistance we can provide, please let me know.”

I did have plans to use the DF/IQ180 and Arca/IQ180 (manual mode) on this, but I’m not sure this would even be possible outdoors. perhaps the Roundshot VR is the answer, should have gone with my first instinct.


cwinhall cwinhall
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Hi Jagsiva, welcome to the forums.

The gigapan staff do not visit these forums regulary unfortunately. There seems to be a bit of play in the video as you mentioned, I have tested it with my gigapan too and it does do the same. Luckily I tend to always shoot with high shutter speeds and if in high winds I make the overlap of each image slightly higher to counter for mis fires for intended shot. This tends to minimise problems in windy conditions.

I hope these tips help you out in some way.

Gigapan Curator Gigapan Curator Administator
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Hello cwinhall,

The forum was intended be more of a platform for peer-to-peer support such as exchanging tips and other ideas. Those who need direct technical support with their GigaPan robots, stitching software or gigapan.com membership account should contact us at http://gigapan.com/cms/support/contact-support
However, we will answer forum posts whenever we can!

Carsten Krieger Carsten Krieger
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Most pano heads are rather sensitive when it comes to wind and I have the same experience with the EPIC Pro. Trying to get short exposure times (1/500 or faster) helps a bit but doesn’t solve the problem completely.
Mounting directly on the tripod as the GP technician suggested doesn’t change anything, the movement happens in the EPIC Pro itself. Using different tripods (carbon, alu, wood) also doesn’t make a difference. It’s down to the construction of the EPIC Pro, at least that’s my experience.

Aloysious A Gruntpuddock Aloysious A Gru...
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I built an automatic pano head based on the use of the tribrach from a laser level.

This could rock slightly because of play in the central shaft.

Cured this by putting a PTFE disc between the upper & lower sections of the unit – don’t know if that is possible with the Gigapan heads.

John Opie John Opie
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I’ve been using my Gigapan Pro on a Manfrotto 028b with very good results, previously on a Gitzo Studex Reporter I would get significant shake when fully extended. The Manfrotto is a bear to carry, but doable. Bogen 3038 ball head. The only times I’ve really had problems is when I forget to turn off the in-body stabilization, which results in blurred images. Have used it for several evening/night panoramas with light winds without trouble, but only with relatively compact lenses to reduce the available area for the wind to blow on.

Geoff Palmer Geoff Palmer
Total Posts: 5

I have had a similar experience when i use my 700D and 300mm lens extended fully. It would appear that it is the acctuall connection on the pan motor. Mine wobbles arround in high winds and it’s nothing to do with the tripod. In addition to this i have found the mount between camera and plate loose and plan to fix this with some stickyback foam to add damping. it’s only about 1mm play but this is magnified over the focal length. really annoying. I can’t think of any methods that can be used for the pan motor to ensure there is less play….

BIll White BIll White
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I use the Gigapan Pro on the flat plate of a Gitzo GT tripod. when I mount the pro I use thumb and forefinger of each hand on the base of the pro not the unit itself to get the unit nice and tight with very little play.
Hope this helps.

watanabe watanabe
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I have the same problem with my gigapan epic pro on a monster Gitzo 5531s tripod (also have the RRS arca plate). I’m wondering if it isn’t possible to replace the gears with metal ones of a tighter tolerance to fix this. It’s really ridiculous the amount of play that exists in the pan section of the pro model.

Geoff Palmer Geoff Palmer
Total Posts: 5

I would also be interested in this mod. I think a lot of the play on mine is in the gear mechagnism as it seems to be (locked ) but wobbley lol

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