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estimate number of photo
algo suk algo suk
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hallo world

how can i computate the number of the photo shooted according the focal leght and the solid angle that i want to cover?
thank you

algo suk algo suk
Total Posts: 3

and keeping in mind some overlapping
(i see about 30% in this forum)

Tom Hathcock Tom Hathcock
Total Posts: 1

How do I do a simple pan photo. Left to right, no up or down, just shoot a 180 or 360 degree straight image.

algo suk algo suk
Total Posts: 3

hum sorry tom but i didnt understand if our answer is serius and in-topic :)

Kevin Kevin
Total Posts: 91

The GigaPan determines how many pictures are required based on 30% overlap and which focal length you’re using. Since the GigaPan does not know what lens you’re using you need to set the vertical FOV under Camera Set Up. Once this is set up the imager will know what focal length you’re using based on the vertical FOV. When you set the upper left corner and the lower right corner the imager will determine how many pictures are required to fill that area. Just remember that the longer your focal length the more pictures are required to fill that pano, and usually a higher quality image.

Kevin Kevin
Total Posts: 91

To do a simple pano on the GigaPan don’t use the up or down buttons, just the left and right to set the left and right perameters for the image. You can also select a 360 in the main menu and when it asks you to move the camera to the top of the panorama just click “ok”, do the same for setting the bottom (don’t move it up or down) and then it will shoot a single row 360.

Tom Nelson Tom Nelson
Total Posts: 49

After you have made a few panoramas you can compute the size of the pano based on the number of images. You can also compute the number of images necessary to make a pano of a given size. Just divide the size of each pano (in gigapixels) by the number of pictures. For instance, my 14-megapixel Canon G10 stitches to about .00765 GPx for each picture. Thus, to make a 1 GPx pano, I must shoot approximately 130 images. This isn’t exactly the question you asked but may be useful.

Tim Brown Tim Brown
Total Posts: 54

If you calculate this stuff a lot it helps to make an excel spreadsheet to calculate number of images for a given zoom and field of view, etc.

This is a helpful calculator for figuring out the FOV degrees covered by a DSLR with a particular lens on it.

Forums» General Gigapanning » estimate number of photo