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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

Those who need direct technical assistance with their GigaPan EPIC Series imagers, stitching software or gigapan.com membership account should contact us.

Forums » Third-Party Stitchers » 3rd party software with your device or uploader?

3rd party software with your device or uploader?
Kevin Kevin
Total Posts: 91

Can I use any stitching software with the GigaPan system, or am I limited to GigaPan Stitch Software?

Kevin Kevin
Total Posts: 91

You can use other stitching programs of your choice with the GigaPan devices but keep in mind that our Stitch program was designed to be used with the EPIC series which we’ve had the best results with. If using another program make sure to save it in a format compatible with our Uploader (if you choose to upload to the community) and that the software will stitch images taken with an EPIC Series imager.

Maurice  Windley Maurice Windle...
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I have used AutoPano Giga ver 2.5 as an alternative. I have enjoyed the many types of functionality it offers.
It has a plugin that knows all about my photo’s taken with Gigapan Epic Pro. It uses the predicable knowledge of known overlaps etc to better assemble even difficult shots clouds and water than what is achieve with “free or random overlapping images”. Maurice

bkaylor bkaylor
Total Posts: 29

For some reason you can’t buy a license for the Gigapan Stitch software without buying a $$$ unit (what’s up with that, Gigapan?), so if you’re poor like me:

Microsoft Ice – Freeware, extremely easy to use, outputs to different formats. It is easily 10x faster than Hugin, too. The downside is limited control. You can’t choose image preference for overlapping or force include the edges of a specific frame. It’s pretty smart though, I’ve seen it stitch some badly done pans.

Hugin – Freeware, I use this when I need more control over very specific parts of the stitch. Not very user friendly, and stitching is painfully slow. Lots of tools if you have time to learn.

Search for my profile; all of my pans are taken without a robotic head and stitched with 3rd party software.


Kevin Kevin
Total Posts: 91

GigaPan Stitch is designed to work with images taken by a GigaPan. When you purchase a GigaPan you’ll receive two free license keys. We do not offer the Stitch as a stand alone product at this time since we can’t guarantee the outcome of the final product since our program was designed to be used with our head.

Roger Berg Roger Berg
Total Posts: 2

I’m using “PanoramaStudio 2 Pro” most.
The Software is capable for 360 Degree Panos and for Gigapans as well.

I have tested alsmost every Software for Pano Photography the last weeks and found “PanoramaStudio 2 Pro” (http://www.tshsoft.com/en/panostudiopro_index) the most useful for my way of photographing.

The best thing is, that out of the box, the software is able to stitch Panos without any manual adjustment. Just pull the Pictures into the program and let it stitch itself.
With Pictures taken in fair quality (good light, sharpness and detail conditions) the results are very good with these automatic adjustments.

As I’m generally taking photos in RAW mode, it is a must for the software I use to understand RAW.

Pros and Cons for “PanoramaStudio 2 Pro”:
+ RAW input
+ single and mutiple rows
+ 360° by 180° spherical
+ Automatic row/coulumn detection
+ Automatic stitching
+ Panoramic viewer software for the Web included
+ Good quality output
+ fair Price Tag (70€/$90)

- For commercial use the Viewer must be licensed / paid for each domain you use it on (50€/$60)

Peter Banks Peter Banks
Total Posts: 2

No one mentioned PTGui or Panorama Factory, both are good

Michael Gardner Michael Gardner
Total Posts: 2

I use Kolor APG Pro – for the most part I love it. I moved to it because gigapan stitch 1 would often create stitch errors (for reasons unknown). I first moved to Hugin – but it won’t stitch when there are areas without detail (sky). The biggest problem with Kolor is there is no vignetting support. Time to review GpanStitch 2……

Uri Fans Uri Fans
Total Posts: 21

@Roger Berg
Thanks. I wasn’t aware that there is a pano program that can work with RAW. I will investigate to see if it supports Canon RAW.

Patrick P Patrick P
Total Posts: 4

I’ve played with the beta release of Photoshop CS6. Most of the indoor 360 panorama that created problem with other software (either did not work at all like Stich or needed manual input like with hugin) were perfectly treated with PS CS6. And it also does accept raw.

It’s one of the numerous upgraded feature that may make me upgrade my PS when it’s released.

panoramicessentials panoramicessent...
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If you are going to go to a third party stitching program I would highly recommend Autopano. One because the stitching quality is very reliable and consistent. Two because it has a built-in plugin for importing Gigapan panoramas. I started my panoramic photography interests with this software and eventually started selling it because very few retailers exist in the U.S. and those who do sell it are not very knowledgeable about our trade. Not sure what you are stitching but if you need HDR capability and large workload (Gigapixels) I would recommend the Gigapan but unless you need one or both of those features then save your money and get Autopano Pro.


Forums» Third-Party Stitchers » 3rd party software with your device or uploader?