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Forums » Photo Editors » How do you crop post Stitch?

How do you crop post Stitch?
blueruck blueruck
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Up until this week I had been playing around making shots that were less than 500MP and would Stitch, Export as TIFF, import into Lightroom, crop and touch up colors. This past weekend I decided to step it up and make larger pictures that were now larger than 512MP – Lightroom won’t import and I’m seeing people have similar limitations at a higher level with CS5 or CS6.

I have Purchased Aperture before I moved to Lightroom and decided to try this app. The app imports the larger files, but it hangs or crashes while I’m trying to crop or edit.

I have seen some amazing shots on this site and I know they are cropped and edited post stitch.

HOW are you guys / gals editing these large files / high MP pics?

David Pivin David Pivin
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Export from Stitch as Photoshop RAW. TIFF and JPG both have hard limits. Photoshop CS4, 5 or 6 will handle large sizes. I have already done a 5 Gpx export that I had printed. Hope you have some large disk for PS scratch space and lots of RAM. Photoshop exported file sent to be printed was 15GB. Out of the stitcher tool it was 119020 × 42184 pixels and was in Photoshop RAW format. A GigaPan of the finished and mounted print is at http://gigapan.com/gigapans/113711. The original pan is at http://gigapan.com/gigapans/49865. Running an iMac G7 Quad @ 3GHz with 16GB RAM and over 1TB of free disk space for scratch.


blueruck blueruck
Total Posts: 2

David, Thanks for the help.

I have an macbook pro for 1TB of disk and 16B of ram, hoepfully I will have enough space when I step up to your level of shots.

Forums» Photo Editors » How do you crop post Stitch?