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Forums » Photo Editors » Need to annotate gigapans

Need to annotate gigapans
Rand Gardner Rand Gardner
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I have various gigapans of rock outcrops which I would like to export and annotate in a program like Illustrator or Canvas. I want to be able to overlay parts of the image with shapes and lines. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this? I exported a gigapan as a .tif and .raw and neither will open with illustrator or canvas or powerpoint. Thank you!

Ron Schott Ron Schott
Total Posts: 90

I would recommend annotating the GigaPans in Photoshop rather than Illustrator or Canvas, presuming you want to retain the gigapixel resolution. Otherwise just downsize and convert it into a jpeg and then open it in Illustrator or Canvas.

Spencerwynn Spencerwynn
Total Posts: 3

The first question I would ask is what will be the final size and use of the annotated piece? I would reduce the Gigapan to the desired size (say, 8 1/2 × 11) and keep the resolution at about 300ppi (not to be confused with dpi which is output resolution). This way your image is still sharp, but not unnecessarily large.

Then I would import it into Illustrator and apply the typography and other annotating graphics there. By doing the latter in Illustrator, you will assure the type looks sharp and not bit-mapped if you are dealing with either small type or fine serifs.

jacaboo jacaboo
Total Posts: 1

I have checked that.it works but the facilities are not complete enough .Once I used Adobe Acrobat. but it becomes more and more expensive for public users who haven;t got many images to process. here I would like to share with you the tool Im using now ,it is denefinitly easier to handle than Adobe Pro.This image annotator will enable you to mark up, highlight and underline image content by adding and drawing annotation with just a few clicks.If you donnot have a good choice.You can download the free trail package and have a try.

Jimmy Smith Jimmy Smith
Total Posts: 5

Using an image annotating library, you are able to adjust various image annotation settings with this VB.NET library component. You can freely control the annotation shapes, the outline size (width and height), color, and also font style / size for the text annotation. All image annotations can be accurately located to any area of the image by specifying the coordinates.


Forums» Photo Editors » Need to annotate gigapans