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Forums » Photo Editors » photoshop being weird!

photoshop being weird!
Richard Hart Richard Hart
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I am creating giga pixel images. I am using auto pano to stitch up to 500 high res images together to create big pano images.

I open the images in photoshop to clone empty areas etc. When I save the images they look great. The preview in finder looks as they were saved. But when I use krpano to process them to a web useable image, they appear as though no editing has been done at all. I have uploaded the images to gigapan and they are the same, they look unedited. If i reopen the image in photoshop it looks the way it was saved, down to the pixel!

What is going on, because this doesnt make sense!

spherorama spherorama
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Richard are you sure you used the edited images. Some time ago I had a similar problem until i checked my workflow. Instead of using the images from folder “B” where I had stored the edited photos, autopano kept returning to folder “A” where I kept the unedited pics. I always has gone back to the saved autopano-file. When I did the pano all over again, using the images from folder “B” all was fine.

Richard Hart Richard Hart
Total Posts: 2

Hi spherorama

Thanks for your response! I know, it sounds crazy doesnt it! I opened the image several times and it was as it had been edited. I only kept one image! Turns out, I updated krpano and managed to make it work! Here is a preview! http://www.itsrich.info/360vr/san-francisco-gig… this is the same unedited file as http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/123684 spot the difference!

I was told that krpano only reads the background layer. I can only assume photoshop is being really weird and not flattening the image when it says it is!


spherorama spherorama
Total Posts: 8

Hi Rich,
I assume that the problem might be in the alpha-channels. To be sure that no layers are present save your images as jpg’s. I have used krpano ( http://www.spherorama.de/Firenze/ http://www.spherorama.de/Wien/) without major problems. I was told that Kolor’s autopano-tour has about the same functionality as krpano. I have an older Version of autopano-tour. I liked the functionality, but up to now didn’t upgrade to their latest version. How is your workflow with krpano? I used it with finished panoramas. Krpano did almost the same work as gigapan. It broke the panorama in various tiles, that you upload to your webserver.


dfs fds dfs fds
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do you have any other image processing application. there are so many image software has the same functionalities as photoshop. they gives you the ability to read, view and create all kinds of image formats, such as tiff, bmp, jpeg png and so on.

Forums» Photo Editors » photoshop being weird!