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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

Those who need direct technical assistance with their GigaPan EPIC Series imagers, stitching software or gigapan.com membership account should contact us.

Forums » Upload » Required to Upload?

Required to Upload?
Kevin Kevin
Total Posts: 91

Am I required to upload my images to the community?

Kevin Kevin
Total Posts: 91

“You are not required to upload anything to GigaPan.com. You may save your GigaPan to the location of your choice. To embed your panorama in your website or blog you will need to upload and the image will need to be public.

You can also save your GigaPan to your local machine without having to connect to the internet and upload to a website. If you do not wish to upload your images to a website for viewing, you can view them on your desktop or laptop computer.

-If you want to view the panoramas using the GigaPan Stitch viewer, the files can only be opened and viewed on computers that have GigaPan Stitch Software installed. In GigaPan Stitch, go to the File Menu > Open Recent, then select your completed panorama. The tabs at the top will automatically jump to ""Show Panorama"", and it is this area that you can navigate and view the panorama. Use your mouse to move throughout the panorama and zoom in and out."

larry luckham larry luckham
Total Posts: 4

So, when you say you can save your GigaPan to your local machine I understand that you would then view the panorama with the Stitch viewer.

But, when you suggest that you can also embed to your website, what would you really be uploading? Uploading the .gigapan file would seem to be of no value, and even uploading that and all the generated tiles would be of no value to any viewer who did not also possess a GigaPan viewer. Amy I correct so far?

The alternative would be to export to say a TIFF file, but that would only produce a panoramic file that would not be “panable” without some sort of viewer. Again, correct so far?

So, there must be a lightweight viewer plug in, or software, that would allow the casual visitor to a website to view 360 degree panoramas generated by the GigaPan Stitch software?

How, specifically, do I enable the occasional visitor to my website to see the terriffic 360 degree panorama of my patio?

Angelko Krstanovic Angelko Krstano...
Total Posts: 103

The flash viewer that’s a part of the website doesn’t show 360 degree panoramas at this moment, although this functionality is in the works.

However, another way to do it would be by viewing your panorama in Google Earth. This feature is available for geolocated gigapans that are also marked to be shared in Google Earth. Google Earth plugin is active on the geolocation page to preview the positioned panorama. Checking the “Share using Google Earth” enables the “Google Earth” button on gigapan profile page. Clicking on that button will generate a KML file that is readable by Google Earth stand alone application, which lets you view your panorama.

Jason Buchheim Jason Buchheim
Total Posts: 86

You and everyone are welcome to link to and view your Gigapan images in 360-degree virtual reality using 3d-360.com proxy viewer by using your Gigapan’s ID number (ie http://www.3d-360.com/34725 where 34725 is the Gigapan ID number) {such as your patio here http://www.3d-360.com/101168 , you may also link to a flat (non VR 360degree) version by adding the word ‘flat’ to the link, such as http://www.3d-360.com/34725flat } Social media sharing buttons are included so that you can easily share or email the links. This site works well with Apple iOS devices (iphone, ipad) also.

Angelko Krstanovic Angelko Krstano...
Total Posts: 103

Very cool Jason!

Forums» Upload » Required to Upload?