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Forums » Web Site and Forum » astro use of Epic Pro?

astro use of Epic Pro?
Tom Munnecke Tom Munnecke
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I would like to use my ELite Pro for Astro photography, to do wide-field images of the stars during which the mount would rotate 15 degrees per hour (left or right, depending on hemisphere setting). I’d orient the mount to point to the North Star, so only the left/right motor would have to be engaged…

seems like this is just a Simple Matter of Programming…

Customer Service Customer Servic...
Total Posts: 67

Thanks for your suggestion – I’ve submitted it to our engineering team!

Joey Mena Joey Mena
Total Posts: 1

This will be a very very interesting use for the Epic Pro!!!

Ian Burrows Ian Burrows
Total Posts: 2

I have been interested in this. This could be a very valuable potential improvement. I read on another post that the minimum tilt increment is 0.04 degrees which is almost acceptable for astro photography however the pan increment is only 0.1 degrees which may be problematic.

It might be theoretically possible to angle the head of your gigapan so that only tilting is required in which case you could do the astro photography now come to think of it.

I also posted on another thread that it is possible to trick the gigapan field of view calibration to get the minimum pan or tilt increment. This may actually work.

Combining these two techniques may get you close to doing astro photography. Someone who knows more about it might be able to comment.

I know the movement of the stars is on some kind of arc so moving in one axis only won’t be the right answer but it may allow longer photo shutter speeds than not using the gigapan.

Forums» Web Site and Forum » astro use of Epic Pro?