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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

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Following users
Tim Brown Tim Brown
Total Posts: 54

Hi, is there any way (or any plan or add) the ability to follow other users? Some people shoot great gigapan saw and it’s would be great to be able to keep up with their work. I don’t see any way to friend or follow or like somebody.


Ron Schott Ron Schott
Total Posts: 90

I absolutely second this request. I’ve previously asked for RSS feeds for users and tags. I first made this request in early 2008 and have repeated it numerous times since then. This is one of the most glaringly missing social features of this website. I suspect no other single feature addition would do more to promote conversation on the site.

The only RSS implemented on the website remains feeds for individual GigaPans, which largely duplicates other notification methods and is useless for what Tim and I are seeking.

Angelko Krstanovic Angelko Krstano...
Total Posts: 103

I’ll happily bring this up on the next feature planning meeting.

Tim Brown Tim Brown
Total Posts: 54

Thanks Angelko.

Ron, I agree, RSS for tags would be awesome.

Another good social feature would be a basic “like” button (either one that connect to facebook or an internal ‘thumbs up/thumbs down’ like youtube has). Being able to “like” a gigapan is a great way to measure how popular gigapans are and quickly post cool gigapans to one’s facebook page. (I know you have the “share” button, but clicking ‘like’ is faster and a quicker way to flag an image is good.) Even just an internal “thumbs up” or something like youtube has would be a great way to help users rate photos and let the good gigapans rise to the top.

Forums» Web Site and Forum » Following users