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Changing Viewpoint in Google Earth
Matthew Piscitelli Matthew Piscite...
Total Posts: 14

I have been geolocating some of my GigaPans in Google Earth. However, I am unable to change the viewpoint to accurately reflect the view with which the GigaPan was taken. In other words, all of the placemarks I create make it so that when you view the GigaPan you by default face North which is not always the direction in which the photo was taken. How can I change the direction of the view?

Also, how can I create a KML file for all of my GigaPans that are related to a particular topic.


Angelko Krstanovic Angelko Krstano...
Total Posts: 103

I can speak for the GigaPan’s Google Earth Plugin interface, if that is what you are using. It looks like you want to adjust the Heading value. Try moving the slider to get the proper angle, after you have opened the gigapan overlay by double-clicking on the placemark. When you check the “Share using Google Earth”, and click on the “Save Changes” button, you are ready to generate a KML file for that gigapan. This is done by clicking on the “Google Earth” link on your gigapan’s detail page.

As for generating a multi-gigapan KML file, this feature is currently not available.

Matthew Piscitelli Matthew Piscite...
Total Posts: 14

Thank you very much Angelko, this is exactly what I was looking for to answer my question. I have now rotated my images to more accurately depict the view on Google Earth.

I think that perhaps once you have a single KML file you can merge them somehow directly in Google Earth. Either way, thanks for your help!

Forums» Web Site and Forum » Changing Viewpoint in Google Earth