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The Problem with Gigapan.com
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I was going to contribute to the thread on explore scores not working but realised my concerns were broader than that.

My guess is that the problem with ESs is an instance of the general problem that there are too few engineers allocated to the web site. What can you do about that? I understand that the management at gigapan.com has changed recently which may be a good thing but we have no idea what they are up to. As Jason says, a road map sounds like a good idea. I’m not sure that it would be useful to us per se imo, but it would be at least reassuring. Of course, a road map may reveal that their plans are not at all what we want. I also suspect that the management will not want to publish a road map because it will give their thinking away to competitors. Perhaps a road map for bug-fixing would be acceptable to them. IIRC there was something like this at one time, but it was not maintained. I asked about this and was told that it was an idea that they wanted to pursue but … resources were a problem.

I recently sent some polite, constructive criticism on a specific technical issue to a senior manager. I also said that as a long-time user and advocate of gigapan technology, I had to describe their inability to deliver as “pathetic”. I received a very encouraging reply and I understand conversations were had at a senior level. Perhaps this is the way forward i.e. send polite, passionate messages to Support for the attention of management.

Forums» Web Site and Forum » The Problem with Gigapan.com