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Forums » Web Site and Forum » SCANDAL! no, but a minor quibble

SCANDAL! no, but a minor quibble
bkaylor bkaylor
Total Posts: 29

Many contest entry gigapans which are quite nice are receiving identical quantities of “1” ratings. It seems like some people are bottom-rating every entry but their own. Can we adjust the voting to a more tamper-proof method? Maybe have 1 vote per member for your favorite instead of rankings?

Jason Buchheim Jason Buchheim
Total Posts: 86

The contests do have issues. What is needed is to only be able to vote on an image once, not change votes. A voter should not be able to see the rank of the other images until the end, as a high ranking image garners the low votes to push it down. Perhaps only allow images to be upvoted by a voter once voted upon, not downvoted. It is too ripe for manipulation by downvoting the current leader, it should not be possible to see the leader while voting is underway. Perhaps a voters overall vote tally should average to 3, so if they vote 5 on one image and 1 on twenty others, those 20 others would get counted as a vote of 2.95 and the 5 would be 3.1.

Perhaps a voter should not be allowed to vote until they have actually viewed say at least 1% of an images tiles in the viewer. (They should really not be voted on on how well the 800 pixel wide representation looks!!!)

Nathan Wong Nathan Wong
Total Posts: 22

I agree with both of you. One of the reasons why I didn’t enjoy entering into the more recent contests was because of the downrating that was going on. I know my picture wasn’t the best, but there were ones that were definitely deserving and they were rated very, very low.

If Gigapan really wanted to limit the contestants, which I’m positive they don’t want to do, they can put a rule in there that states the pictures MUST have been taken with a Gigapan or motorized panorama unit. I admit I’m an offender of not using a Gigapan all the time, but it might limit the downraters in that the ones that rate panoramas down could be ones that don’t own or use a Gigapan unit.

Forums» Web Site and Forum » SCANDAL! no, but a minor quibble