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Forums » Web Site and Forum » URL for directly linking to a snapshot

URL for directly linking to a snapshot
Tim Brown Tim Brown
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I haven’t seen an easy way to get the link to a particular snapshot in a gigapan so thought it might be of use to folks to write it down here. Please chime in if you know an easier way to do this.

The URL for a link to a snapshot is formed like this:

For example:

To find the snapshot number, under a snapshot in your gigapan, click on the little speech icon as if you were going to comment on the snapshot. Then either mouse of the “open snapshot in new window” url and note down the snapshot number and copy this into your URL. Or, click on the link to open the snapshot, then right-click on the snapshot name in the new window and copy that URL, it will be the direct link to your snapshot.

Forums» Web Site and Forum » URL for directly linking to a snapshot