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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

Those who need direct technical assistance with their GigaPan EPIC Series imagers, stitching software or gigapan.com membership account should contact us.

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John Bradford John Bradford
Total Posts: 6

Is the old Gigapan forum (http://forum.gigapan.org/) no longer going to be used?

Kevin Kevin
Total Posts: 91

Hi John,
Correct the old forum is and has not been in use. We’re working on bringing a link to it on this discussion board

c c c c
Total Posts: 8

Correct the old forum is http://gigapan.org/forums

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Simon Martin Simon Martin
Total Posts: 1

I have a much more serious problem. The new site emails me every time someone snapshots a page I have taken a snapshot on. I get 10 pointless emails a day from this! When I click the selection for this to stop, the site just takes me to the home page. When I edit my profile, I can’t, I just get an error message. I think this is the end of me using this site. Shame as this is one of my favourite sites and these bugs could really be fixed.

Jason Buchheim Jason Buchheim
Total Posts: 86

The old forum is still at http://forum.gigapan.org and does contain a wealth of ideas, methods, information, and knowledge starting from the first beta test post to the present and was never completely abandoned. I would love to see Gigapan.org bring the good contents over to the new forum. Many topics and questions that people may have- have already been thought about and answered (although some of the contents should be parsed;)

Kevin Kevin
Total Posts: 91

As previously stated we’re working on bringing a link to new new discussion board, it will provide open access to the prior content, but new postings will occur on this site. I agree that it has a lot of great information, sorry for the delay its taking us in getting it up on here.

Kevin Kevin
Total Posts: 91

Sorry for the error, we’ve addressed it and you should not receive any more snapshot updates or comment update emails anymore unless you’ve selected this in your user profile.