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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

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Forums » Embedding » FullScreen Option in Embedded

FullScreen Option in Embedded
Bharat Chhatre Bharat Chhatre
Total Posts: 2

Please let me know is it possible to include the fullscreen option in the embedded view or is there a way to have an hotlink to go directly to full screen

if possible , how ??

if not , any other ways to get that done ??

Kevin Kevin
Total Posts: 91

Bharat, please see our posting under Embedding → Embedding Need Larger Window, this tells you how to change the viewer size in the html. Thanks.

Mamoru Suzuki Mamoru Suzuki
Total Posts: 10

Hi Kevin
Embedding in a way that I taught you. But the full screen option buttons are not displayed.
I want my blogs to full-screen navigation.

Best regards

Jason Buchheim Jason Buchheim
Total Posts: 86


The Embedder does not seem to use the same Gigapan Flash viewer that is in the ‘new’ Gigapan site. The new flash viewer is an Actionscript 3 product and has the full screen code added to it. The viewer is a complete rewrite, it just looks the same as the old viewer. The Embedder is using the old viewer.

I do not know of a technological reason for using the old viewer and not the new viewer, if GigaPan would switch to the new viewer for embedding, the full screen button would be available.

Also, its not technologically impossible to add the full screen button to the old viewer either, there is the option in Actionscript 2 for that.

Gabriel O'Donnell Gabriel O&#...
Total Posts: 11

The plan is eventually to role out the new AS3 based viewer in the iframe embeds. No real time estimates but I should think soonish (more than a day, less than a year).

Mamoru Suzuki Mamoru Suzuki
Total Posts: 10

The radio buttons are not displayed full screen embedded in the window or not is not from the same source as defined in the navigation bar? .

Bharat Chhatre Bharat Chhatre
Total Posts: 2

thanks for the replies.

as every1 there is saying, I want a button or a link 2 jump to a full-screen mode,
as panoramas r best to b viewed full screen else its not that enjoyable to view the panoramas at all.

@kevin: thanks for the reply, i did tried that but need the full screen option.

Laponia Pictures Laponia Picture...
Total Posts: 2

Please, please, please… let us have the full screen button. It will make all the difference…

Ronnie Miranda Ronnie Miranda
Total Posts: 24

It is possible to embed a GigaPan image (1) using the new GigaPan 2.0 Viewer, (2) in a larger window that automatically adjusts to the browser window and screen resolution, and (3) have the full screen button available. See it working on my website at http://www.gigapixel.com

It’s not as simple as using the iframe Embedder Wizard. I studied the webpage codes of a GigaPan image and by trial-and-error, created a template using existing codes. Once I had a template, I could easily use it on any image. Manual coding is involved.

Laponia Pictures Laponia Picture...
Total Posts: 2

Thank you so much Ronnie, I will take a look at it… Great site you have!

bo gyllander bo gyllander
Total Posts: 11

Hi, Tried to get that full screen but it seems to be just for very competent users. I donĀ“t know how to fix it. It should be just a button to fix this.

Forums» Embedding » FullScreen Option in Embedded