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pdesai2019 pdesai2019
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I like to do 360 pano of a dome. Is this possible? Inside of the dome is made of Italian marble with various designs that are hand carved. It also contains small status in the dome of the same material. The dome was recently sealed so I am dealing with low light situation. The dome starts large at base and small as it goes up so this would be highly challenging.

There are two domes (one larger than the other). I also plan to do external Pano as well but that should be okay to do. I have only shot two pano of near by hills just to get feel of it but I still need lot of practice. I do wish there were more video tutorials.

1. Can I do 360 pano (replicate the dome virtually) using GiganPan Pro that I own? If so, config to use?
2. How do I shoot using Pro? Layer at a time but then how do I should higher part that Pro cannot reach?
3. What type of light should I use knowing that the stone is Italian white marble? LED?

I would like to recreate the dome so that visitors can view the detail hand carving on a computer (ideally via web browser).

While the construction scaffolding are still up I like to do test shoot once I have gathered all the details. Unfortunately, time is a problem since I can only do this on Saturday because of full time job plus I have to ensure that I don’t intefere with the work going on in the dome.

If I can get enough confidence I am hoping to take time off to get it to work.

Any help I greatly appreciate.


The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661" The Gigapanogra...
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The Pro will certainly shoot a 360 and the gigapan site provides a virtual reality view via the Google Earth links.

Here is the interior of a church taken with essentially no natural light that I made the other day. http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/115505

If you want to know more about how I made this then please ask.


Rich Gibson Rich Gibson
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If you can get up on the scaffolding I’d recommend you shoot as much as you can from as close as you can – scaffolds are great, they give you access to places which normally people don’t get to see!

Forums» Indoor Gigapanning » Indoor-Dome