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This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

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Indoor GigaPan
Kevin Kevin
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Can I shoot an indoors with the GigaPan system?

Kevin Kevin
Total Posts: 91

“Indoor photography can be a bit trickier than outdoor. In small spaces, you can encounter stitching errors, caused by areas without distinguishing characteristics to match up – such as blank or patterned walls, or straight edges or lines.

Indoors can be done; it just may take a bit more work on the final images and practice for the set-up that works best. For indoor shots we typically recommend using a short focal length, instead of using your maximum optical zoom."

lelapinblanc lelapinblanc
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I would like to explore this further. I am new to this and here are my assumptions on indoor gigapans. In order to have a gigapan that has extensive zoom while holding focus one must use a high focal length lens. I have a canon 70-200 which I use on a Rebel XT which has a 1.6 correction factor. So, at 70mm it would be the equilvalent of 112mm on a 35mm camera. I also shoot at a small aperture. The next item for me is a bit tricky: Focus. A long focal length lense has a narrower depth of field that a short focal length lens, and with an interior shot it appears one must focus to capture the range of distances that are in the frame of the current shot. Putting it on autofocus has its disadvantages since sometimes it never finds focus if there is not contrast or content in the image, like a solid colored wall. The next thing I’m trying to understand is how handle people moving during a panorama sequence. I would like to avoid half people pieces in the image. I’d like to open this to discussion, I would like to contribute, but mostly I am here to learn. I think for interior I prefer the Kolor AutoPano Giga since one can edit and manually insert control points. Another area of interest for me is how to handle the situation of an item in the foreground that is close, while the frame of the photo still captures detail at a distance, this seems to be beyond the depth of field ability of high focal length lense. How does one handle this?

Ville Vuorinen Ville Vuorinen
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I guess indoors can be so many different things, it can be taking a 360 degree panorama of your toilet (why one would want that, is beyond me :-) or it can be a stadium/arena panorama.
For indoor use in small scale, I’ve used a Manfrotto 360VR head to do those, manual control, etc. But for larger images, like crowds at games.. I like the GigaPan EPIC pro.
When doing rooms in a house, I tend to use something like 16-36mm lens, and indoor arenas 70-200 (maybe with 1.4 extender) does the job nicely.

What ‘lelapinblanc’ says about ghosting, I can try to answer that (will make a longer Blog post of it soon). It is actually quite easy to remove unwanted ghosts from images, as long as you give enough overlap on each image.
Then, I stitch my images with PtGui – and by using the ‘Mask’ function.. you can go through all individual detail of each image.. and remove ghosts pretty accurately.
But – I’ll try to make a more detailed Blog entry about outdoor/indoor crowd images.. and if allowed.. link it from here (otherwise the post will be quite long!)
If anyone is interested, I have taken few indoor arena GigaPans.. and explained a bit about taking them : http://googabuphotos.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/1/g…
(both of the images on display had some issues while taking them)

sunfunnel sunfunnel
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GooGaBu_Nordic_Creations – What were the camera settings on this image (aperture, shutter speed, iSO)?: http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/42ef3a19440b351…

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