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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

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Forums » Special-effects Gigapans » Continuous Pan/Tilt

Continuous Pan/Tilt
Kevin Kevin
Total Posts: 91

Can the GigaPan system perform continuous pan and tilt movement? Will it do this in Time Lapse?

Kevin Kevin
Total Posts: 91

The continuous pan and tilt movement is currently not possible with the GigaPans imagers; they pan and tilt, stopping at each position to take a picture. In regards to Time Lapse, the EPIC Pro will shoot the entire gigapixel image then wait x amount of time and reshoot the same gigapixel image. It will not create a time lapse between the pictures within the gigapixel set.

Lyle Haylett Lyle Haylett
Total Posts: 1

This would be a really nice feature. Set the start point and the end point, then take a given number of images between those points with a given time delay between images. Would be great for time lapse sequences with pans included. These would not be GigaPan images per se, but would utilize the capabilities of the device to acomodate a different genre of photography.

Discord Schism Discord Schism
Total Posts: 1

This is something I would be interested in as well. I have a smaller camera (A sony nex) which is a bit on the small side to warrant getting the pro (which I understand has some kind of time lapse feature now). I’d love to get this feature on the 100, the ability to set a start position, an end position, and some time of total time and picture frequency.

Ian Burrows Ian Burrows
Total Posts: 2

It is possible to get a gigapan to pan or tilt and shoot a timelapse. I have achieved this before by artificially calibrating the system such that I only move the gigapan one pan or tilt increment when the system asks you to align the top of your view screen, then the bottom of your view screen. The machine indicates 0.1 degrees field of view. Then I create a pano and set the appropriate exposure length etc.

This sort achieves a panning time lapse. I believe there may be some limits on the amount of columns or rows but it does the job.

The obvious limitation is that it can only pan or tilt still but shoots images in an appropriate sequence to create a timelapse video.

mbiederman mbiederman
Total Posts: 1

I’d be very much interested in this feature as well – Ive achieved similar results as Ian mentions by setting the overlap as high as possible (80% I believe)

but to have a start/end position, number of shots and time between shots would be a very welsom addition and allow for more control and better results/flexibility.

Forums» Special-effects Gigapans » Continuous Pan/Tilt