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High Dynamic Range (HDR)
Kevin Kevin
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Are the GigaPan imagers capable of creating High Dynamic Range?

Kevin Kevin
Total Posts: 91

“Currently, the Epic 100 and EPIC Pro are capable of bracketing for HDR images using either your camera’s firmware support for AEB or the EPIC Pro will override your camera’s firmware for up to 9 bracketed shots. The Bracketing and EV Step Value functions are found within the Options Menu on the EPIC Pro and can be set up to shoot up to 9 bracketed shots with an EV value up to 2 stops. Most DSLR’s with AEB will allow up to 3 bracketed shots, the EPIC Pro can override your camera’s firmware if in Bulb mode and if exposures are less than 1/10.The Multiple Shutter Option feature of the Epic 100 can be used for exposure bracketing and focus bracketing; it allows you to take multiple pictures at each position during the capture of your panorama, but you need to set up your camera to automate bracketing of exposure values (EV) for the HDR Images.

GigaPan Stitch software is not able to process the multiple exposures; other software is necessary to complete that portion.

joaoribeiro joaoribeiro
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I need to set bulb in my camera AND the shutter lenght in the epic pro?
How will the exposure be set?

Forums» Special-effects Gigapans » High Dynamic Range (HDR)