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Forums » Macro Gigapanning » Photographing a wall

Photographing a wall
Amy Morris Amy Morris
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I know that you can adjust the depth of field on the camera to ensure that a surface will be in focus at both the centre of the pan as well as the edges. What I was wondering is if there has been any issues with key-stoning, or any other effects, on the final GigaPan image as a result of the curvature of the pan?

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I am fairly new to this and I am investigating Focus Stacked Macro Panoramas. From my limited research and looking at the Panoramas shown on this site and elsewhere, the software used to stitch the individual images together should remove most, if not all of the issues associated with key-stoning and curvature.

spherorama spherorama
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Take a look at this page http://www.kolor.com/blog-en/2013/02/22/gigapan…

It shows well the capabilties of the Epic Pro.

Forums» Macro Gigapanning » Photographing a wall