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Forums » Gigapan Mechanism » Problem with inside panorama

Problem with inside panorama
Marcel Klip Marcel Klip
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Hi guys

Need your help

Im using the Gigapan Epic Pro for my panorama’s, the Gigapan works outside fine but when i shoot inside a house or a building the stitching sucks.

you can find an example here http://gigapan.org/gigapans/c740208cb984e4226a4…

How can is resolve this problem

Rick Unland Rick Unland
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The problem you are having is due to the Lens not rotating around the NPP or Non parallax point. This is the point on the lens you need to place over the rotation point of the GigaPan.

Normally when doing panoramas indoors you would use a wide angle lens and a manual panoramic head (see Nodal Ninja). This allows for a greater depth of field and also less errors due to parallax. The closer objects are to the lens the greater the parallax error exhibited upon stitching. If you have to use a GigaPan indoors then find a lens focal length that will provide you with the highest resolution in the stiched image that can still be moved when mounted into the GigaPan to rotate over its NPP. otherwise look into a Nodal Ninja.

Good Luck

Marcel Klip Marcel Klip
Total Posts: 2

Thanks Rick for your answer

Rick Unland Rick Unland
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You are very welcome

Richard Palmer Richard Palmer
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Is your test image a full 360?

As Rick noted, the GigaPan Stitch program has an issue with straight lines. Setting the camera/lens combination at the NPP can help overcome this problem. There should be a chart in the GigaPan Epic Pro handbook that shows how to set the NPP. If that does not correct the stitching issue, try stitching the frames using AutoPanoGiga (Kolor Labs), and their GigaPan import tool. APGiga has tools to better align image pairs. It takes some practice, but the pre rendering tools are usually most helpful. If the focal length of your lens is too wide, then the camera mounting plate of the Epic Pro will get in the way (a fix is possible, but not forthcoming in any time soon (ASFIK).
In this situation, a manual pano head, like a Nodal Ninja, would better serve your purpose. Then, I’d use AutoPano, or some other stitcher, to assemble the frames into a finished pano.
Some samples later.


Forums» Gigapan Mechanism » Problem with inside panorama